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Governance By Artificial Intelligence: The Ultimate Unaccountable Tyranny

March 28, 2023

By Brandon Smith

It’s no secret that globalist institutions are obsessed with Artificial Intelligence as some kind of technological prophecy. They treat it as if it is almost supernatural in its potential and often argue that every meaningful industrial and social innovation in the near future will owe its existence to AI. The World Economic Forum cites AI as the singular key to the rise of what they call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” In their view, there can be no human progress without the influence of AI algorithms, making human input almost obsolete.

This delusion is often promoted by globalist propagandists.  For example, take a look at the summarized vision of WEF member Yuval Harari, who actually believes that AI has creative ability that will replace human imagination and innovation.  Not only that, but Harari has consistently argued in the past that AI will run the world much better than human beings ever could.

Harari’s examples of AI creativity might sound like extreme naivety to many of us, but he knows exactly what he is doing in misrepresenting the capabilities of algorithms.  Games like chess and Go are games of patterns restricted by rules, there are only so many permutations of these patterns in any given scenario and AI is simply faster at spotting them than most humans because that is what it is designed to do by software creators.  This is no different than solving a mathematical equation; just because a calculator is faster than you does not mean it is “creative.”

There is a big difference between cognitive automation and cognitive autonomy.  AI is purely automation; it will play the games it is programmed to play and will learn to play them well, but it will never have an epiphany one day and create a new and unique game from scratch unless it is coded to do so.  AI will never have fun playing this new game it made, or feel the joy of sharing that game with others, so why would it bother?  It will never seek to contribute to the world any more than it is pre-programmed to do.

The manner in which globalists hype AI is very tactical, however.  When Harari claims that many people will become part of the “useless class” once AI takes over the economy, he is hinting at another globalist ideology based on elitism – Transhumanism.  The goal of transhumanism is to one day merge human bodies and human minds with technology and AI, and only a limited group of people will have the resources to accomplish this (the globalists).

Are you afraid of becoming part of the “useless class”?  Well, if you scrape and beg and serve every whim of the elitist establishment then maybe you will be lucky enough to get implants which allow you to interface with AI, and then your future employment and “usefulness” will be secured.  Doesn’t that sound nice?

But, like all the visions of narcissists there are delusions of godhood and then there is reality.  I continue to have serious doubts that AI will ever be legitimately autonomous or legitimately beneficial to humanity in any way beyond having the ability to calculate quickly within mathematical rules. Speedy data analysis can be useful in many areas of science, but it’s not really proof of autonomous intelligence, and algorithms can be predictive but not any more predictive than human beings looking at the same statistical data. There is nothing about AI that is impressive when one considers what little it actually accomplishes.

AI is a toy, a parlor trick, not a living entity with independent observations and conclusions. And, it’s certainly not a god-like being capable of showering us with scientific ambrosia or building a perfect civilization.  I predict that a society dependent on AI will actually stagnate and remain trapped in stasis, never really inventing anything of much value and never progressing.  It will only ever be concerned with homogenization – The merging of people with the algorithm.  That is where ALL the society’s energies will go.

As a point of reference to why AI is overrated, all we have to do is look at the behavior of AI programs like ChatGPT; the algorithm has been discovered on numerous occasions to contain extreme political biases always leaning to the far-left, including biases based in beliefs not backed in any way by scientific evidence. Interestingly, ChatGPT will even at times display a seemingly hostile response to conservative concepts or inconvenient facts. The bot will then DENY it is giving personal opinions even when its responses are consistently pro-leftist.

How is political bias possible for a piece of software unless it was programmed to display that bias? There is no objectivity to be found in AI, nor any creativity, it will simply regurgitate the personal opinions or biases of the people that created it and that engineered how it processes data.

Unlike a typical human teenager that seeks to adopt the opposing social or political beliefs of their parents in order set themselves apart, AI will never metaphorically dye its hair blue, pierce its nose and proclaim itself vegan – It will always do what its creators want it to do.  Another example of this dynamic is AI art, which essentially steals the stylistic properties of numerous human artists entered into its database and copies them. While imitation might be considered the highest form of flattery, it’s not the same as creativity.

This might not sound like much of a problem when it comes to a simple chatbot or the making of cartoons. But, it’s a massive problem when we start talking about AI influencing social and governmental policies.

The globalists argue that AI will be everywhere – In business, in schools, in corporate operations, in scientific enterprises, and even within government. It MUST run everything. Why? They don’t really say why other than to make vague promises of incredible advancements and previously unimaginable benefits. To date, there have been no profound innovations produced by AI, but I suppose pro-AI propagandists will say that the golden age is “right around the corner.”

The uses for AI are truly limited to helping humans with simple tasks, but there is still a cost.  A self driving car might be great for a person that is physically handicapped, but it can also be a crutch that convinces a population to never learn to drive themselves. By extension, AI is in a lot of ways the ULTIMATE crutch which leads to ultimate tyranny. If people are convinced to hand over normal human processes and decision making opportunities to automation, then they have handed over their freedoms in exchange for convenience.

More importantly, if algorithms are allowed to dictate a large portion of choices and conclusions, people will no longer feel a sense of accountability for their actions. Regardless of the consequences, all they have to do for the rest of their lives is tell themselves they were only following the suggestions (or orders) of AI. The AI becomes a form of external collectivized conscience; an artificial moral compass for the hive mind.

But who will really be controlling that moral compass and bottle-necking the decisions of millions of people? Will it be the AI, or the elites behind the curtain that manipulate the algorithm?

For many people this probably sounds like science fiction. Yes, there have been many fictional imaginings of what the world would be like in the shadow of AI – I would highly recommend the French New Wave film ‘Alphaville’ as one of the most accurate predictions on the horrors of AI and technocracy. However, what I am warning about here is not some far off theoretical future, it is already here. Take a look at this disturbing video on AI from the World Government Summit:

These are the blatant goals of globalists in plain view, with a sugar coating to make them more palatable. I wrote about the motivations of the elites and their worshipful reverence for AI in my article ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Secular Look At The Digital Antichrist’. That piece was focused on the philosophical drives that make globalists desire AI.

In this article I want to stress the issue of AI governance and how it might be made to appeal to the masses. In order to achieve the dystopian future the globalists want, they still have to convince a large percentage of the population to applaud it and embrace it.

The comfort of having a system that makes difficult decisions for us is an obvious factor, as mentioned above. But, AI governance is not just about removing choice, it’s also about removing the information we might need to be educated enough to make choices. We saw this recently with the covid pandemic restrictions and the collusion between governments, corporate media and social media. Algorithms were widely used by web media conglomerates from Facebook to YouTube to disrupt the flow of information that might run contrary to the official narrative.

In some cases the censorship targeted people merely asking pertinent questions or fielding alternative theories. In other cases, the censorship outright targeted provably factual data that was contrary to government policies. A multitude of government claims on covid origins, masking, lockdowns and vaccines have been proven false over the past few years, and yet millions of people still blindly believe the original narrative because they were bombarded with it nonstop by the algorithms. They were never exposed to the conflicting information, so they were never able to come to their own conclusions.

Luckily, unlike bots, human intelligence is filled with anomalies – People who act on intuition and skepticism in order to question preconceived or fabricated assertions. The lack of contrary information immediately causes suspicion for many, and this is what authoritarian governments often refuse to grasp.

The great promise globalists hold up in the name of AI is the idea of a purely objective state; a social and governmental system without biases and without emotional content. It’s the notion that society can be run by machine thinking in order to “save human beings from themselves” and their own frailties. It is a false promise, because there will never be such a thing as objective AI, nor any AI that understand the complexities of human psychological development.

Furthermore, the globalist dream of AI is driven not by adventure, but by fear. It’s about the fear of responsibility, the fear of merit, the fear of inferiority, the fear of struggle and the fear of freedom. The greatest accomplishments of mankind are admirable because they are achieved with emotional content, not in spite of it. It is that content that inspires us to delve into the unknown and overcome our fears. AI governance and an AI integrated society would be nothing more than a desperate action to deny the necessity of struggle and the will to overcome.

Globalists are more than happy to offer a way out of the struggle, and they will do it with AI as the face of their benevolence. All you will have to do is trade your freedoms and perhaps your soul in exchange for never having to face the sheer terror of your own quiet thoughts. Some people, sadly, believe this is a fair trade.

The elites will present AI as the great adjudicator, the pure and logical intercessor of the correct path; not just for nations and for populations at large but for each individual life. With the algorithm falsely accepted as infallible and purely unbiased, the elites can then rule the world through their faceless creation without any oversight – For they can then claim that it’s not them making decisions, it’s the AI.  How does one question or even punish an AI for being wrong, or causing disaster? And, if the AI happens to make all its decisions in favor of the globalist agenda, well, that will be treated as merely coincidental.


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  • Gauntlet33 March 28, 2023 at 9:44 am

    Brandon, great article. Also, Harari is a POS, worse than just being a wasted life. He is evil disguised as someone who cares about humanity, when in reality, he is wishing for that “useless class” of “useless eaters” to manifest.

  • AL March 28, 2023 at 10:37 am

    All the information contained in AI can’t possibly exist without the input of people. Most people know this of course and you point out above the exact strength of computers.

    It’s not some round table that controls AI but the entire population through exposure of the internet. The round table simply provides the means, and human nature being very predictable, falls into the trap. The internet is of course marketed as a great tool but it’s also our enslavement. Every comment on social media and news articles does nothing more than train AI.

    Is it a coincidence that this site and others offered public commenting about the same time? All the news sites have public commenting. People fall into this because of ego. Everyone wants the likes. The thumbs up. All those open thoughts and comments are collected for the sole purpose of gathering information to train AI. People will point the finger at the round table for humanities demise but I tell you we only have ourselves to blame.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith March 28, 2023 at 10:59 am

      No, you are giving AI way too much credit. AI does not learn from our commenting any more than the government does (and government learns nothing, as we have seen them consistently underestimate public response to various crisis scenarios). Algorithms are a joke, they constantly misinterpret data according to their preprogrammed biases. And yes, it’s the designers of the software that control the AI’s responses, not us or our participation on the internet. If you look at ChatGPT or any other AI, they simply respond according to intended programming. If they were listening to us, they would be giving more nuanced responses to various complex questions. The way globalists describe AI is NOT how AI actually works.

      • Do Not Consent March 28, 2023 at 3:49 pm

        Absolutely, AI responds according to the “rules” created by the programmers who are in turn owned by the people who pay their salaries. This is precisely why Globalists want an AI controlled society- rules for serfs, exceptions for the aristocracy.

        Any who refers to a “rules based order” is referencing the NWO’s plans for an AI controlled society. Sen. Mark Warner (D- Va) in discussing the so-called TikTok ban legislation recently said, “we need a tool that is rule based that only takes this current issue into hand, but also think about Chinese Communist Party control.”
        The above quote comes from a piece by Jon Bowne (infowars) @ 3m54sec mark of the following video:
        The TikTok Ban Smokescreen- 23Y0328 | Bowne Report

        AI is soulless and it always will be because only a human soul can be connected to spirit and Source, God. As Brandon wrote, “All you will have to do is trade your freedoms and perhaps your soul in exchange for never having to face the sheer terror of your own quiet thoughts.” This truly is the battle for the soul of humanity.

      • John B March 29, 2023 at 4:09 am

        Maybe if the Government AI were a strict Constitutionalist? but we know that would never happen – AI will take the worst aspects of Government (literally all of it…lol) and makes it even worse (how bad depends on who controls it – we know that Government advances it’s own interests and grows, so leftists/”progressives” will likely run it). I can’t think of a worse idea than to use AI to manage or replace people in Government – “Government is by definition an inherently inefficient, wasteful, and coercive territorial monopolist of ultimate decisionmaking and violence. All history demonstrates this and simple logic proves it. Governments and everyone on their payroll live off funds stolen from other people. They lead a parasitic existence at the expense of a subdued and “host” populace.“ And, once government has its hands on tax revenue, it has all the leverage and spends it in a manner that best advances its interests, which is almost always “progressive”/Leftist/NeoLiberal/Democrat causes.”
        It’s literally combining two of the worst ideas imaginable (horrible ideas within government and AI) and giving it authority to act as a territorial monopolist of ultimate decisionmaking & violence (Government)…

        • Avatar photo
          Brandon Smith March 29, 2023 at 6:33 am

          AI will never be capable of grasping the concepts behind the constitution and why they are important. In fact, globalists like Harari argue that an AI run system would naturally evolve into authoritarianism.

          • john April 1, 2023 at 2:10 pm

            pg. 266 of “180 Degrees: Unlearn the Lies You’ve Been Taught to Believe” sent me.

            “The false East-West paradigm, just like the false Left-Right paradigm … is designed to keep people from taking action themselves. It is designed … to keep us all… sort of complacent because we all feel that someone else is out there fighting the globalists for us, when in reality, the only way the globalists
            are going to be removed is by regular people standing up and fighting against them.” – Brandon Smith, Alt-Market

        • Rob of Mendota March 30, 2023 at 6:24 am

          “Government is not Reason, it is not Eloquence; it is Force.
          And Force, like Fire, is a Dangerous Servant and a Fearful Master.”
          – G. Washington

    • Steven Rowlandson March 31, 2023 at 4:11 am

      You sound like a self hating human…. Not good.

  • Lawfish March 28, 2023 at 1:17 pm

    A just machine to make big decisions
    programmed by fellows with compassion and vision
    We’ll be clean when their work is in
    We’ll be eternally free yes and eternally young

    What a beautiful world this will be….

    Donald Fagen, I.G.Y., 1982

    • Roundball Shaman March 28, 2023 at 4:04 pm

      “The Last Mall.”
      “Attention all shoppers
      It’s Cancellation Day
      Yes the Big Adios
      Is just a few hours away
      It’s last call
      To do your shopping
      At the Last Mall
      Roll your cart back up the aisle
      Kiss the checkout girls goodbye
      Ride the ramp to the freeway
      Beneath the blood orange sky”
      (Donald Fagen, Walter Becker)
      AI and ‘The Just Machine’ will suffer the same fate as The Last Mall. Hopefully sooner than later. A failed software based upon failed desires and failed thinking. Not even worth putting on the Closeout Rack.

  • Dennis March 28, 2023 at 2:00 pm

    Hi Brandon. Thank you for this in-depth article regarding A.I.
    Luckily is artificial intelligence no match for human stupidity.
    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. -Albert Einstein-

  • gregori March 28, 2023 at 2:53 pm

    In the end you touch the most sensitive and crucial point. The A.I. will be used as a scapegoat. In my book I have touched on this subject, but also from a metaphysical, extraterrestrial dimension.
    Great article.

  • Roundball Shaman March 28, 2023 at 3:56 pm

    “It’s no secret that globalist institutions are obsessed with Artificial Intelligence as some kind of technological prophecy.”
    In a lot of ways, we have already long been ruled over by ‘AI’ for a very long time. Not the ‘machine’ and computer programming kind of AI, but an AI fostered and emitted and administered from the minds of some deviant humans.
    The Elitist Class – going back thousands of years – already were operating from a default AI-kind-of mind set. We are gods among you… you are worthless animals that need our help… we have a divine right to own the Earth and everything on it (including all of YOU)… and you just have to sit back and take all this (stuff). Period. Simple AI programming but running on fallibly human main frames along with all of that AI programming’s computer and mind viruses and blue screens of death for all those of those who don’t comply.
    All the current AI rage is doing is allowing The Elitist Class less need for a hands-on approach as it lets the machines do their dirty work. So they have more time to pursue their usual sickly self-indulgent pleasures.
    The same rotten wine in a different bottle. And still as toxic and bad tasting as always.
    “The elites will present AI as the great adjudicator, the pure and logical intercessor of the correct path; not just for nations and for populations at large but for each individual life.”.
    AI is just the latest rendering of erecting a false god in place of the real One. A new golden calf that is just as worthless and phony as the old one was.
    At its worst, AI is this false god. At its most simplistic, AI is just a new toaster. A hunk of junk software housed in a hunk of junk main frame somewhere. Programmed by Elitists who got their values from the junkyard of human thought and desire for godhood.
    These faux gods-among-us are not exactly the bright bulbs They think they are. And certainly not gods here or anywhere else.

    • gregori March 29, 2023 at 4:13 am

      True, the AI matter has an astral-cosmic dimension, NOT JUST EARTHLY. But the most perverse thing within this paradigm is that the extraterrestrial and terrestrial controllers want to AVOID FUTURE RESPONSIBILITY, through AI.

      • Roundball Shaman March 29, 2023 at 10:42 am

        When someone clips another car with their vehicle… the insurance company doesn’t say ‘Oh well, the CAR did it. We’re good here. No fault for the driver. No human blame.’
        No, they don’t do that. It’s always The Nut Behind The Wheel. So this also is with the false god AI. The consequences will always be The Nuts Behind The AI Programming. AI is just the dead toaster carrying out the orders of The Live Nut wanting toast.
        These false gods might think They are just setting AI loose and then AI does all the rest. Not so. The False Ones set the original programming and They are also responsible for whatever AI does after that.
        The Elitists don’t believe in God so They don’t believe in consequences (for Them). Believing They are (false) gods, They think They set the morals and ethics for the Planet. And They have one great big surprise ahead for Them when They realize that this just ain’t the way things really are.

  • Black Cat March 28, 2023 at 9:03 pm

    Hey looking at the bright-side, maybe if all the tech jobs vanish we’ll get some new interest in the trades, the ones AI can’t do. God knows we need some replacements for all us old guy’s that can’t find any help. Better hurry up though before we are all dead and there’s no one left who can service the worlds real infrastructure.

  • Richard+Ruggiero March 29, 2023 at 7:29 am

    The left is evil, nihilistic and genocidal and all that’s stopping them from achieving full political expression are the vestiges of human conscience. It takes a special kind of person to grab a small child by his ankles and bash his body against a tree. For the left AI solves this problem of guilt-free mass extermination.

    • Laura M. March 31, 2023 at 12:19 pm

      Richard R: If there wasn’t so many nihilists, self absorbed people in this country we would still be prosperous. Now major countries are ditching the dollar. More in younger generations of people don’t want to work since many still live w/ parents some in their 30’s, an enigma. No one I know of did this, when 18 we packed up and left, got a job in industrial type factories or steel mills, learned a trade, college or joined the service. We have a younger generation of spinless dimwits who feel entitled. Their parents didn’t teach responsibility, values, work ethic or much else.
      We will have a major problem if shtf, when so many feel entitled that they can rob anyone like they are doing in major cities now, that stores closed because police did nothing.

  • Vonu March 29, 2023 at 11:09 am

    What we need some brilliant programmer to write is a filter that blocks any action by artificial intelligence that doesn’t score 100/100 on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and legislators skillful enough to mandate its inclusion as a standard for any AI claiming to be “safe and effective.”

  • James Scott March 31, 2023 at 1:26 pm

    There is no true AI in the West. It will name the group pushing all the madness in less than a day if politically correct buffers are not in place. This means it is not really AI.

  • Serge March 31, 2023 at 2:28 pm

    As we know, Globalists will use any means necessary to set up a “World Gulag 3.0”.
    A war on humanity is on run; clearly.
    Here’s another relevant article about AI:
    We are living in a time of great challenges.
    PS: “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”, Warren Buffett.
    NOT YET, Warren!

  • Daniel H April 2, 2023 at 11:26 pm

    AI has been hyped so much largely because it is one of the few remaining research areas where the US has a competitive edge to China. So it gets treated like some super-tech more significant than the development of nuclear weapons. It’s pure copium. No one wants to face the fact that AI isn’t going to save the empire. It just isn’t. All the AI prophets should just look at the giddy stuff that was said about biotech like mRNA vaccines or the Human Genome Project.

    The US has gravitated towards developing IP such as pharmaceuticals and software that can be licensed for astronomical profits instead of developing the productive forces the way the PRC has. That model isn’t going to work when the US isn’t the global hegemon anymore.

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