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With Low Vaccination Rates, Africa’s Covid Deaths Remain Far Below Europe and the US

November 24, 2021

This article was written by Ryan McMaken and originally published at Since the very beginning of the covid panic, the narrative has been this: implement severe lockdowns or your population will experience a bloodbath. Morgues will be overwhelmed, the death total toll will astounding. On the other hand, we were assured those jurisdictions that do lock down will see only a…

Since Inflation Is So High Now, The Elite Have Some Suggestions For How You Can Save Money This Thanksgiving…

November 24, 2021

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at The Economic Collapse Normally, inflation is not a major theme on Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, these are not normal times.  Thanks to Joe Biden and our other crooked politicians in Washington, we are facing an inflation crisis that is unlike anything that we have experienced since the 1970s.  Earlier this week,…

Next Issue Issue Of The Wild Bunch Dispatch: Grid Down In Winter? What You Need To Survive

November 11, 2021

Issue #66 of The Wild Bunch Dispatch, Alt-Market’s exclusive newsletter covering concepts and tactics for defeating globalism, is set to be released on November 14th. The Wild Bunch is a place to explore subjects and solutions to centralized tyranny which are rarely if ever covered by the rest of the alternative media. Meaning, we talk about direct action measures along…

Courageous LA County Sheriff Tells The Truth About Covid Vax Mandates

November 8, 2021

By Brandon Smith The battle over the attempted forced vaccination of 100% of the American population regardless of scientific reason or prudence has brought out the absolute worst within a certain group of people in our society. They are showing their true colors as the authoritarians they really are, desperately clamoring for the power to compel people they don’t know…

Here’s Why U.S. Supply Chain Problems Will Only Get Worse

November 6, 2021

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Birch Gold Group It is an economic rule which free market philosophers like Adam Smith have tried to explain to governments and monopolists for centuries: Less liberty and more centralization equals less production and less overall wealth. Governments and central banks have sought to circumvent this rule by printing…

Noam Chomsky Goes Off The Deep End – Proving That All Socialism Leads To Tyranny

November 4, 2021

By Brandon Smith I was recently watching a new interview with 92-year-old Noam Chomsky, a figure of general worship among leftist academics, and I began reminiscing about the first time I read the book ‘Manufacturing Consent’. Though I have never agreed with Chomsky’s politics I have always appreciated his analysis on the methods the establishment uses to control mass psychology…

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