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The Many Reasons Why Transgender Grievance Culture Is Garbage

April 7, 2023

By Brandon Smith

In the wake of the of the recent mass shooting at the Nashville based Covenant Christian School in which three children and three staff were murdered by a trans activist (a biological woman named Audrey Hale) one would think that questions of mental health would be at the forefront of the discussion on what exactly happened. However, not surprisingly, Hale is instead being treated as a “victim” herself among leftists – A victim of society and a victim of an insidious anti-trans “genocide” that activists assure us is happening everywhere in America even though we can’t seem to find any evidence of it.

The political left has gone into overdrive in order to do spin control on the shooting, with pro-trans propaganda being flooded into every information venue by multiple corporations and government agencies. They are seeking to bury the lead story, and, much like pride month, saturate the market with a narrative of grievances and victimhood.

Some on the political left have even applauded Hale as a kind of folk hero. Others in the trans community have warned that we “will respect them,” otherwise we might be responsible for even more trans people going insane and killing even more children. They have even turned Hale’s attack into an excuse for gun bans. The leftists created a monster, and now they are using the destruction wrought by that monster to their advantage.

I am not one to jump on political motives every time there is a shooting, but in the case of Audrey Hale I think it is clear that her ideology was the driver for the attack. There is a reason why her manifesto found at the scene has yet to be released by authorities.

White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre defended the “courage” of trans activists rather than noting the courage of the victims at Covenant, including a little girl who was shot trying to warn the rest of the school about the impending slaughter. Pierre described the trans movement as “under attack” by Republicans. I believe this is a deliberate message to other trans lunatics that it’s open season on conservatives or anyone else that doesn’t agree with their delusions.

This has been the ongoing narrative for the past few years: “Trans people are under attack” and thus all of their behavior no matter how criminal is justifiable because they are “defending themselves.” But are they really under attack? What are they defending themselves from? Where is this “trans genocide” we keep hearing about? Surely, there must be numerous examples of trans people being beaten or murdered in the streets if there is a nationwide war on them?

The reality is that the grievance culture surrounding the trans movement is utter garbage – Their victimhood is a fantasy. There is no trans genocide. In fact, in every aspect of moral compass and conscience trans activists display a level of villainy not seen in America in many generations. Here are the reasons why the notion of trans people victimhood is a lie.

Americans Defending Themselves Against Leftist Deconstruction Is Not The Same As Americans Attacking Trans People

The political left in general is fond of bragging about their intention to “deconstruct” American society, history, heritage, principles, etc. This is no secret, they blather about it constantly in their own books, articles and social media.

The thing is, if you’re going to engage in the sabotage of a society built on hundreds of years of collected principles and moral foundations (western civilization), then the people that built it and who respect its founders are naturally going to take action to oppose you. The peaceful option would be to simply LEAVE. Go on your way and find or build a society that fits your demands somewhere else. The political left is not interested in peaceful solutions, though.

Trans extremists use a classic gas lighting technique common among Marxists/Communists, which is to incessantly nip and bite at the heels of the people they want to destroy, and when those people finally get fed up and defend themselves activists cry “The fascists are victimizing us!” and demand more power as social recompense. It’s called “provocateuring”, and this tactic ONLY works in nations where liberty is held up as a defining value. The idea is to use our own love of freedom against us.

If conservatives and western society were actually fascist as these people claim, there would be no debate about grievances, they would have been annihilated a long time ago.

In the case red states, the line in the sand was our children and our public schools. Trans activists continue to cross that line by targeting minors with sexualized books (some of them highly pornographic), sexualized lessons, and gender identity propaganda with no basis in scientific reality.

Then there is the effort to pressure children into gender-bending treatments and surgeries. Children do not have the intelligence or reasoning to consent to these procedures. The clinics which dole out the hormones and mutilations are the same people who undertake the psychological reviews. Each little kid is treated as a trans cash cow made dependent on years of therapies and future surgeries. This is not humanitarian, this is criminal.

Trans Activists: We would have left you alone if you had stayed away from the kids and let them be kids. But since you refuse to listen, we are going to have to bitch slap you with a reality check. This means more state legislation blocking drag shows for minors, blocking gender ideology in schools and blocking gender-based procedures for kids. Exposing children to mental illness and sexual fetishes is wrong. Kids cannot consent.

Trans Activism Is Not A Civil Rights Movement – It’s A Political Extremist Movement

It’s important for the trans movement to understand that they are only 0.4% of the overall population. The other 99.6% of the world is not here to adapt to them, they will have to adapt to us. In the case of the US, trans people and those that identify as LGBT have all the same legal rights as any other Americans. They have done very well for themselves here.

The reality is trans activists are rebels without a cause, unless you stop and consider that their cause is not about rights but special privileges and power. They are a mere extension of a wider political agenda. Their strategy is to make constant demands for reparations as victims, and when those demands are met they make more demands until there is nothing left to give them. And, if you criticize them for their gluttony and power mongering they use their minority status as a shield.

The Trans Movement Is Widely Supported By Money Elites And Government Officials

One irony that is never lost on me is the irony of supposed trans victimhood vs. trans favoritism. For a tiny group of persecuted people under threat of “genocide” it’s odd that they have so many global corporations, globalist think tanks and even the White House backing them. Many millions of dollars annually are sunk into LGBT and trans organizations by such companies, think-tanks and government programs.

In fact, I would dare say that the trans movement would not exist without the support of major conglomerates.

Aren’t these the same “capitalist” institutions that leftists claim they are opposed to? The truth is, leftists and trans activists are the happy little foot soldiers for the authoritarian establishment. Corporate elites give them money and spread their ideology through marketing, and in return trans activists act as a weaponized mob to attack the liberty minded. They ARE the bad guys they claim they are fighting against.

Trans Ideology Is Rooted In Narcissism

Despite the invasion of gender ideologues into scientific circles, you will still find some honest studies and analysis on the mental health of trans people. The rate of comorbidity disorders related to gender dysphoria are very high (between 70% or more according to some studies). That is to say, people who identify as trans often have at least one if not several other mental illnesses beyond gender dysphoria.

One of the most frequent mental disorders found among people with gender dysphoria is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). The movement itself is indelibly tied to narcissistic behavior.

Consider the very basis of most trans grievances: They say they are entitled to respect and acceptance, but what does this entail? They want people to self censor. They want to force others to use their preferred pronouns. They want gender ideology taught in schools. They want sexualized drag shows for minors. And, they want minors to be subjected to gender related medical procedures that could ruin their lives forever. I defy any trans activist to come up with a logical explanation as to how these requirements are reasonable.

Respect is not an entitlement, it is earned. And, acceptance is never owed to anyone, nor can it be forced. Their movement has not earned our respect, it has done the opposite. They believe that the force of the mob, the force of corporate power and the force of government can and should be used to threaten the public into submission. They think the population can be frightened into embracing and idolizing them. So much so that they are defending a mass shooter only because she was a trans activist. This is the epitome of narcissism.

To trans activists: This is why Americans can never accept your movement. At its core it is fueled by emotional and mental instability. There will be endless pain and consequences for allowing patients like you to run the asylum. We just can’t allow you to have power, because if we do, only destruction will result.

What Do We Do About It?

The primary purpose of provocateuring is to elicit a violent response. If the political left and the establishment elites that back them continue on their current path, I’m hard pressed to think of a peaceful solution to the problem. I have for many years suggested that separation is the only answer that would satisfy a non-violent strategy. Some are calling this a “national divorce.”

They go their way in blue counties and we go our way in red counties and we’ll see who falls apart first. Given the fact that far left cities like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, LA and New York are already in steep economic and social decline, I doubt that leftists would last long.

At the very least there are multiple state governments acting to protect minors from trans targeting, but this has made the political left furious. They want the kids and they want them bad, so much so that the targeting and sexualization of children is the hill the political left has chosen to die on.

Trans activists have indicated what they intend to do about state intervention, which is to become increasingly more violent. The key to the trans movement is that they believe that through a show of mob force they can intimidate various local and state organizations into backing away from their morals. They have done it before, so why wouldn’t they think they can keep doing it?

One option is to organize counter-activism. Whenever they hold a rally in large numbers somewhere, we hold our own rallies in greater numbers. If they want to become a political force and act like conquerors, then we will burn their flags in defiance. If they want to take over schools, then we take over the school boards and PTA, or we take our kids out of those schools en masse. If they want to march to take away our gun rights, then we have armed marches in kind. If they want to disrupt our speakers, then we disrupt their drag shows for kids. If they want to shoot up schools, then we offer training for school teachers so they can shoot the trans shooters.

What I see are millions of liberty oriented people simply waiting around for the worst case scenario – A civil war. But that’s not how this works. That is allowing the deconstructionists to run rampant until something finally snaps; we have to be proactive NOW, not sit on our hands.

Maybe a civil war is inevitable, but the culture war is still a part of the greater fight. We should not neglect it because it’s easier to wait around for a kinetic conflict to start. This battle is about determining whether or not our founding values survive. Not only that, it’s about the survival of logic and reason in society. Organization and “visibility” are important; the trans activists understand this, and we should too.


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  • Jolie1 April 7, 2023 at 4:50 pm

    When I was reading the steps the trans activists are taking, I thought of Islam and the homosexual as well, they also do the same steps and are supported by the same blue states, politicians and corporations. This about using the victimhood status to gain rights UNTIL they can force, laws and the majority are brainwashed to accept the deconstruction of the majority values and institutions. At the point where these “abused” minorities have power, they do everything to destroy the majority as the “abused” are the only groups to have value and validity in living their life and lifestyle. That means, we the majority-non trans, non homo and non islamic MUST be destroyed-they do not want us to survive. As I’ve head-they hate us and want us to die.

    • Arnie April 15, 2023 at 5:11 pm

      Its really amazing that all leftist authoritarian worldviews seek the power of the state to crush the rights of the once dominant Judeo-Christian paradigm. They see government as being moldable to their worldviews and having the capacity to become as authoritarian as they are. Perhaps government should have some capacity to change but i think the Framers of the United States of America would argue against this. I am saddened that those brilliant men, most whom where Christian, and certainly all who believed in a God of Providence did not have the foresight to write into our founding documents that America is to a country founded directly on the laws of God, to declare the salvation of God comes through His word.

  • LongTimeTexan April 7, 2023 at 5:16 pm

    The trans community is going ballistic over this shooting. Not because this female creature who identified as a male shot and murdered in cold blood young school children, but because the media is correctly referring to the shooter as “she” instead of “he”. To the transgender morons, misgendering this monster is a much bigger crime than the shooting of the innocent school children. What a slimy sewer pit these trans morons live in.

    • Jan_in_NH April 7, 2023 at 7:33 pm

      I’m seeing more articles referring to the fake females as men in dresses.

  • Jan_in_NH April 7, 2023 at 7:37 pm

    Studies showed that most of the past school shooters were on ritalin.
    The transloon cult are also taking massive amounts of drugs and it was inevitable that it would effect them in a negative way.

  • Rodster April 7, 2023 at 7:43 pm

    “They are seeking to bury the lead story, and, much like pride month, saturate the market with a narrative of grievances and victimhood.”

    It’s always that way for the Left and Progressives, isn’t it? They backdown from Islam threats of violence but the Gay community has NO problems being bold enough to go into a SF Church and dressing up in drag as Nuns and defiling a place of worship. They always contradict themselves. Instead of calling out the Trans murder for what it really was, they defend it and want to take away our gun rights.

    Tucker Carlson recently had Glenn Beck on his program and he essentially was repeating what Brandon has been saying for years. The Globalists are the ones who are creating all this havoc to turn this into a one world government with complete control.

  • Richard Hunter April 7, 2023 at 9:47 pm

    I will grant them TOLERANCE, as I believe that in America, you can be as wrong as you WANT to be. As Ben Franklin said [I THINK it was him; getting old and “fuzzy”], “Freedom of Speech is EXACTLY for THAT speech YOU find objectionable.”; same is true of “lifestyle”…SO LONG as one DOESN’T harm anybody ELSE; live and let live. But when/if your “lifestyle” starts DAMAGING people, ESPECIALLY minors, THAT becomes a problem.

    I WILL NOT grant them “acceptance”, “normalcy”, nor “advocacy”. NOR will I be BROWBEATEN or THREATENED into acquiescing into THEIR PSYCHOSIS, by using their “preferred pronouns”, contrary to what my simple common sense, eyesight, and HONEST biology, PLAINLY TELLS ME! I’m at an age now, it doesn’t much matter anymore; except that I fear for the future of this country, because of the MOUNTAINS of human sacrifice and treasure, that has been paid by those ready to “…bear any burden…” to protect this nation.

    Unfortunately, there are only 2, MAYBE 3 Possibilities here, counting the idea of a “national divorce”, which LEADS into one of the other two possibilities. Whether the issue is slavery, “states’ rights”, or “trans/LGBTQ rights”, the OUTCOME will be the SAME, as parents will have NO CHOICE, and these people will NOT take “no” for an answer when it comes to anyone’s/ everyone’s CHILDREN. If THAT’S the course they choose, then it WON’T end well for them; [look at what happened to the Confederacy]. Why? Because “momma-bear” AIN’T HAVIN’ IT(!); NOT when it comes down to her “cubs”; and it WILL; it already HAS. As Samuel Clemmons (aka Mark Twain) said, “History doesn’t REPEAT, but it sure does RHYME.”

    To paraphrase a statement by no less than Gen Colin Powell, in speaking to a Congressional sub-committee (AF?) during hearings over Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, “In every unit I saw where homosexuality [LGBTQ etc] was tolerated, there was a noticeable lack of mission-readyness; it is destructive to teamwork, cohesion, discipline, and esprit, which is necessary to the mission success of any military unit. It is NOT a benign characteristic such as ‘race’ “[I THINK that is an exact quote; CERTAINLY, contextually accurate].

    Part of me UNDERSTANDS what my father meant when he was looking at open-heart surgery, with NO GUARANTEES of success. He said, “Something BAD is coming; I don’t know what it is, exactly; I’ve only seen momentary flashes; but I saw enough that if I am to leave this world on ‘the table’, it’s OK, because I’d just as soon NOT see it. I want to remember America the way it was, because it was a STONE GAS”. Pop passed away, in his sleep, 2 weeks after his surgery. He had served in the Pacific, and survived 3 Island-landings. He never saw 9/11. Part of me hopes I don’t see what’s coming. It won’t end well…for ANYONE.

    While I hope in His Return, and look forward to it, as that Day approaches, I fear for the country, as I believe, at THIS point, only God Himself in the person of Jesus Christ, can save this country, if we might find Mercy in His Sight. God Help Us All.

    • Old geezer April 8, 2023 at 7:51 am

      I have also noted “ it won’t end well “. Then an astute observer replied, “ Actually it will end well. It’s just going to get very messy for awhile. “

    • BBB April 8, 2023 at 11:31 pm

      The reason that conservatives are losing to trans is because you continue to extend “tolerance” as you say. They want you dead, your family broke, your children raped, and they think it’s funny. They will never extend the same tolerance to you, period. They will win as long as your viewpoint persists.

  • Dennis April 8, 2023 at 5:11 am

    Thank you for this master piece Brandon Smith “Maybe a civil war is inevitable, but the culture war is still a part of the greater fight.”
    I envy all Americans for the right to legally own firearms.

  • conservativeinmass April 8, 2023 at 5:59 am

    Riley Gaines is courageous for standing up to the radicalized transgender activists. These activists are angry, ignorant and breaking the laws protecting anyone who calls out their fallacies that one can change their biological sex to achieve happiness.

    Let’s hope the courts will find these activists guilty of hate crimes against Ms. Gaines. Let’s hope the MSM and Biden admin will come to women’s right to compete fairly and not against biological males with mental issues.

    As for the newly formed trans vengeance group seeking violence against anyone who speak the TRUTH about their mental illness, keep this fact in mind. No Christian organization or church is persecuting transgendered people. There are some facts that are indisputable such as you are born either male or female. These troubled souls including children going through puberty as being socially groomed to think the only solution is through self-mutilation and living on hormone blockers. This is the BIG LIE that these selfish transgendered proponents want to defend while denying biological realities like every cell in a male and female body is uniquely made based on the sex they were born with.

    In times of trouble and times like these, Christians pray and support the afflicted, the addicted and the ones in pain and torment. They do not persecute the transgender; we pray they will not go through with undoing God’s gift to be born male or female

  • TheTruthBurns April 8, 2023 at 7:29 am

    America has elevated Mental Illness to a class of people who are at Best in need of serious psychological help or at Worst in need of being eliminated since they are Evil Possessed Depraved Demons. Go against GOD & Nature & you Lose 100% of the time. What a World live in Jesus Help Us. To think he Died for this Crap. He is Risen – Happy Easter

  • Greg B. April 8, 2023 at 8:51 am

    Another aspect of provocateuring is to prey on the oppositions desire to maintain their public image. Basically cow them into compliance or inaction by threatening to make them look bad if they respond in kind to any kind of provocation. The only counter I can think of for this is to not be concerned about image. They’re gonna to vilify us no matter what at this point anyhow.

    Also I can’t help but think that all this lashing out all of a sudden and this push for gun control is a sign that their grip on our society and culture is beginning to weaken. Everyday more people are starting to question their twisted ideology. Everyday more lawmakers in red states are standing up to lunacy. Everyday businesses that cater to them lose money and customers. Everyday more people defect to our side, including detransitioners. And everyday the cause for gun control fades as more people come to appreciate the 2nd amendment.

  • Roundball Shaman April 8, 2023 at 12:41 pm

    “… not surprisingly, Hale is instead being treated as a ‘victim’ herself among leftists – A victim of society and a victim of an insidious anti-trans ‘genocide’ that activists assure us is happening everywhere in America…”
    Some theologians will tell you that the ‘Greatest’ sin is in believing that you do not sin. There are millions of people in America who have convinced themselves that their social attitudes and their behavior is without sin. That’s a neat and convenient way to go through Life. Do whatever the hell you want – harm anyone you want –and you are ‘not sinning’.
    And the great American industry today of being ‘A VICTIM!’ requires ‘the victim’ to be without fault and everyone else being morally bankrupt perpetrators of great harm upon them. Again, a nice kind of lifestyle if you can get away with it.
    “The reality is that the grievance culture surrounding the trans movement is utter garbage – Their victimhood is a fantasy.”
    But movements such as these believe in ‘Their Truth’. So, when the various ‘Theys’ say they are victims… they just turned themselves into victims. And they are victims of something… just not what they are identifying as the source of their victimhood. But remember… such ‘victims’ do ‘not sin’.
    There is great gap between people today and it has much less to do with politics as such. The division is between people who have largely remained grounded in a shared reality… and those who are living our their lives in adopted fantasies. And both groups like within their frames of reference. And that makes communication and understanding between the two groups a virtual impossibility.
    “Their movement has not earned our respect, it has done the opposite. They believe that the force of the mob, the force of corporate power and the force of government can and should be used to threaten the public into submission.”
    Any time force is being used to impose an agenda is an admission that the ideology and beliefs of the enforcer group cannot stand up on their own to the light of truth and reality. Truth and reality never need to be forced as they manifest as self-evident organically and without exertion. It something is being forced, you KNOW IT IS WRONG.
    Reality-based and reality-denying people are in the same space yet we are playing different games and by different rules. And the gap between them is getting wider by the day. As intended by those who seek division for its own sake.
    And somewhere, someone is laughing their asses off over this.

  • Naatok April 8, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    When I was a young adult, I attended drag shows. The musician-actors were engaging, the bawdy content was amusing and entertaining, and the musical and choreographic talent was something to be admired.

    Over the past decade, however, the “Alphabet Mafia” has gone completely off the rails, and their Leftoid allies in government and industry are on board the crazy train. They demand our acceptance (acquiescence) of their maniacal attempt to sexualize and indoctrinate our kids? These fools must be insane if they believe that is -ever- going to happen!

    The downward spiral started with, “We just want the right to get married!” And it slip-slid down to, “We’re coming for your children!” Remember that? And these cross-dressing mobsters have followed through on their threat, and are now finding that “We’re not gonna take it anymore!”

    I don’t want things to devolve into a hot civil war any more than the next sane person. But doing nothing while the clowns pillage the Big Top of Western Civilization isn’t acceptable. I do hope that putting ourselves out there in defiance of the madness is going to have a positive effect. I suppose we’ll find out.

  • Salemone April 8, 2023 at 10:37 pm

    “Walk softly, and carry a big stick.”

  • Rhinoskerous April 9, 2023 at 12:27 am

    The only thing you left out of your excellent monologue on the psychotic trans movement is one little fact about sex hormones.

    Men live with the presence of testosterone in their lives from conception, with gradually increasing natural dose as they reach maturity, and then gradually declining after they hit their prime.

    Testosterone is a powerful hormone that incites and amplifies aggression and anger. Men use it to fight or flee, to put food on the table, and to protect their families and nations in times of war.

    All men with a y chromosome learn to control the effects of their testosterone from childhood. Self-control is one of the major attributes of manhood, precisely because testosterone is very dangerous in a person who lacks self-control. Men must control both their lust and their violence, which are incited by testosterone.

    Now take a woman, who has also spent her entire life learning to deal with the ups and downs of the female hormone cycle with estrogen and progesterone. Unlike men, for whom self-control is demanded, our society has taught her that she is excused for all but the very most egregious outbursts of emotions because she is a woman. She gets a free pass on self-control in twenty-first-century America.

    Now, consider what happens when that woman or teenage girl becomes indoctrinated and persuaded to undergo a sex change to become a trans man. She gets a prescription for testosterone.

    Suddenly this woman, sorry, trans-man, begins to have the feelings of lust and violence that all men feel. But, unlike men, who are taught to control themselves, as a woman she has been trained her entire life that she is not responsible for what she does under the influence of her hormones. She cannot just walk away from that training by injecting testosterone into her arm.

    What can we expect to see? So-called, trans-men, will commit increasingly violent crimes and sexual outrages. Despite attempts to cover it up, it will be too big to hide.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith April 9, 2023 at 12:54 am

      This article is focused more on the political and psychological motivations of the trans movement rather than the science behind hormone therapy. That could be a whole separate article. However, you make a good point about men having to learn self control over time compared to people who think they can dump testosterone and other hormones into their systems – the effects are highly unpredictable. Also, I’ve noticed that leftists in general tend to lack any self control whatsoever – There are thousands of recorded examples of these people lashing out violently over the slightest perceived offense. 60 years ago, many of them would be locked up in hospitals for insanity, and I’m starting to think this was not a bad model for keeping such unstable elements away from normal society.

  • Van Franklin April 9, 2023 at 8:25 am

    Great article Brandon,

    The points you made about Provocateuring are spot on. The playbook they use is so old and worn everyone should recognize it by now. Unfortunately most still don’t. I have a novel theory I’ve been looking into as of late. Not able to prove it yet, but using my limited abilities to suss it out. It goes like this. This movement, although not new, has taken a virulent turn the last few years. The amount of chicks with dicks has exploded exponentially, despite the media having us believe it has always been thus.

    If you look at the caricatures they use too terrorize the children with this gender bending monsterism, something, other than the obvious seems a bit out of place. I’m guessing the majority of these “Persons” are crisis actors. Probably on loan from their desks at the bureau. It would stand to reason as the bureau is now filled with political hacks who do what they’re told no matter the right or wrong of the thing.

    It would be wholly organic, recruiting from the ones of their ranks who ride desks, never able to be field agents, for whatever shortcoming, this would be a deep pool of ‘talent’ Always the bridesmaids, never the brides, plus the culture of the bureau itself. I mean come on man, did everyone forget the whole J Edgar the freak thing?

  • Greg B. April 9, 2023 at 7:57 pm

    Recently heard an interesting theory from Raz0rfist who got it from someone else about Dylan Mulvaney and the reason they’ve pushing him so hard with these recent sponsorships. And it’s pretty dark. Turns out that Dylan has a history of suicide attempts and mental instability (not surprising) before becoming trans. The theory is that the guy being groomed to be the George Floyd of the trans movement. He’s being given all these sponsorships by the establishment knowing he and the companies sponsoring him will get tremendous backlash for it. And they’re hoping all this negative criticism a.k.a “anti-trans hate” will cause Dylan to commit suicide, sparking George Floy-style riots across the country.

    • Van Franklin April 9, 2023 at 11:56 pm

      That is a very plausible theory Greg. Except maybe the part about George Floyd style riots. The vast majority don’t support these abominations. Then again, the mostly peaceful riots were Astro-turf. And our enemies own a printing press, so the trans-testicle brigade will probably march. So I find that whole scenario a high probability. We should just stand aside and laugh, then demand they all be put in the FEMA camps, for theirs and the childrens safety.

      • woody188 April 12, 2023 at 2:21 pm

        Just remember, abandoning our values is precisely what they want. Before you know it, we’d be the ones sent to the camps.

        We can defend the children and keep our liberties.

        • Van Franklin April 12, 2023 at 6:11 pm

          I’m never going to any camp, so its all the same to me. Remember, they wanted us all in camps. Anyone who refused their experimental orange goo was looked upon as lower than a snakes bunghole. I get your point about not becoming our enemy, and it is a very good one. IMHO we are near the end of the culture war. 30 years of losing ground, we now have the high ground. They are willing to die in order to continue hurting children

          80+ % of Americans, in my estimation, are strongly opposed to deranged dudes having unfettered access too kids. Kids don’t need to be confused by those who preach this gospel of bondage. There really is no middle ground or compromise on this for me. If we give ground, or “all get along” on this one, I’m afraid they will be emboldened to send us to camps. Beside, the FEMA camps are built and ready. It would be cosmically ironic if they were used against those who thought they were immune. Plus they could get the help and counseling they need. Just like the old days when they put mentally ill in asylums. It would be a mythic twist of fate, another turn in the long road of divine providence that has graced us from birth.

  • Hockeyguy April 10, 2023 at 1:01 pm

    Dr Theodore Dalrymple once wrote a very profound definition/description of propaganda (paraphrasing/recalling from memory here): the purpose of propaganda isn’t to inform, but to humiliate; the less that propaganda correlates to reality, the better it is, because to pour the grossest of lies and untruths into the ears and eyes of subjects while not permitting them to point out the obvious untruth is the ultimate in humiliation. Well, what could be more humiliating than insisting that we must nod along and agree that men can become women or that women can become men just by simple egoist declaration?? It is the ultimate humiliation tool for the elites, and they will push this until something breaks.

  • Dennis April 10, 2023 at 1:40 pm

    Idaho passes law criminalizing transgender mutilation of children

  • Antonio April 14, 2023 at 10:42 am

    I don’t which side would support the graphic with the firearms on it, but I don’t think the lefties and the trans activists really understand that they don’t want to get into a shooting war with people that actually own firearms.

    They’d be picking a fight with the wrong people. We have most of the guns, and we know how to use them.

    Never give them up!

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