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Wider War Will Bring Inevitable Attempts At Martial Law In America

October 27, 2023

By Brandon Smith

Not long ago at the height of fear over the global pandemic the US underwent a change that many people argued would never happen. For years I have heard people say that authoritarian controls in America are “tinfoil hat conspiracy theory” and doom mongering – All the prepping, all the talk of community organizing, all the guns and the gear and the training were for nothing. Then…the covid agenda hit like a freight train.

Our constitutional rights were no longer set in stone, but mere guidelines that government officials could bend or break in the name of “public health safety.” Laws no longer had to be passed through a series of checks and balances; mandates could be implemented as if they were laws without public oversight and enforced unilaterally.

There was talk (primarily among Democrats) of severe punishments for people who refused the pointless covid vaccines. They wanted vaccine passports, they wanted prison time for those that spoke publicly against the vax, they wanted people’s jobs taken away, they wanted their children taken away, and there were even plans to build covid detention centers to segregate and lock up “vax deniers.”

It boggles the mind, but this was serious debate within the US and it was all triggered in the span of a year. Nearly half the country was willing to abandon the Bill of Rights over a virus with a survival rate of 99.8%. The conspiracy theorists were right all along; our freedoms rest on a razor’s edge and preparing to survive and fight for those freedoms is perfectly rational.

Luckily, the covid agenda failed. The mandates were ultimately blocked by red states and in many rural areas they were barely enforced at all. Biden’s vaccine passport attempt was stopped cold by the Supreme Court, but I have long believed that the Supreme Court made this decision exactly because of the level of public resistance.  They knew if they pressed the issue, civil war was on the table.

Medical authoritarianism collapsed because conservatives and independents were not onboard and they could not be shamed into compliance. But what happens when there is a crisis that DOES scare conservatives? What happens when the political right perceives a true threat? Does freedom then become untenable?

Viruses frighten progressives (most things frighten progressives), but what frightens conservatives?

Well, it’s not a hard fast rule, but generally speaking conservatives are most disturbed by the threat of invasion. Ask any conservative if they were worried about covid or worried about the crisis on the southern border during the pandemic and the vast majority of them would say the border without hesitation. Conservatives fear cultural infiltration and co-option, they fear the steady and deliberate whittling away of their American heritage and by extension their freedoms by alien impostors. And, they fear the certain blitzkrieg of the US by organized terrorism should the borders remain open.

The question is, are they willing to assuage their fears by sacrificing the very freedoms they want to protect?

In 2001 after 9/11, the conservative movement was a much different animal than it is today. This was pre-Ron Paul and pre-Libertarian influence. The Neo-cons ruled the roost and had far reaching power over public perception, making the push for the dismissal of constitutional rights unprecedented. The Patriot Act mentality was widespread and the thirst for war was palpable. I have seen conservatives stray from the Bill of Rights in the past in the name of fighting against a possible invasion.  I remember this vividly.

Today, the elements in play are not the same as 2001. Anyone who argues otherwise was likely a child during the 9/11 era or has a skewed understanding of the changes that have taken place among conservatives since those days. The Ron Paul movement changed a lot for the better, but primarily within the conservative constituency. Regular people changed their thinking on what it means to trade liberty for security. The GOP? It’s a pipe dream to think we could ever completely change the GOP.  At least covid proved we have allies at the state and local level

The real problem is in the old guard of Neo-cons still influencing the path of the Republican Party. These are people who happily ally with Democrats behind the scenes, they have close ties to establishment elites and their loyalty rests in the hands of globalists. If the globalists want war, then the Neo-cons want war and they will do anything to get it, including create it. That’s how it works.

And this time around I think they’re going to get what they want. The Ukraine event failed to lure Americans into supporting direct intervention (a majority of Americans don’t even support funding for Ukraine), but Israel is another matter. There are very old and tribal implications than pull on the souls of conservatives when it comes to the conflicts in the Middle East. There are religious factors, yes, but I suspect this is overblown by critics who think evangelicals are running the show. This is not reality.

The Christian mandate has nowhere near the same influence it did back in 2001. In fact, churches have become so weak that they are now being overtaken by LGBT infiltration and trans activism. This never would have been tolerated 20 years ago – They would have tarred and feathered such activists back then. If this sort of thing is being allowed to happen right in our backyards today then you can be damn sure that religion is not the driving force for war overseas.

No, when it comes to Israel and the implications of war the concern is once again rooted in cultural erasure. To be fair, it’s not a paranoid delusion.  Western culture is in fact being systematically dismantled and mass immigration is a part of that agenda. It’s also true that Islamic ideology is completely incompatible with western beliefs including the concept of individualism. Muslim systems are authoritarian in nature, that is what Sharia Law is.

So, when conservatives see the potential for the fall of Israel they associate this with the fall of the west, and they will seek to stop it if they can. Beyond Israel is the concern that an invasion of Muslim extremists is already well underway in the US with open border policies becoming the norm under Joe Biden. And here is where the trap is set…

Martial law in the US would only ever work if a majority of conservatives support it. This is a fact. Without our backing martial law will fail, just as the covid mandates failed. Keep in mind, Biden and his globalist friends have used every possible tactic to make martial law an inevitability. Economic instability and stagflation have created a spike in violent crime and looting. Mass illegal migration is dragging down state welfare systems and is creating a trend of cultural dilution. Open borders have allowed any number of possible foreign hostiles into the US.

In the midst of war the government desire to control information and public discourse will be at its apex.  However, as we have seen during covid and the Ukraine war, they have not proven effective at accomplishing this.  As long as the internet is in place it does not matter what kind of algorithms Big Tech applies to stifle the truth, the truth still finds a way.  This means that the establishment will have to pursue extreme measures that could only be achieved within a martial law environment.  I see this situation going one of two ways if the current geopolitical trend continues…

Option A:  A multi-front war breaks out in the Middle East including nations like Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen. Israel faces serious failure. The US is dragged into the war, or, Israel uses its nuclear arsenal to destroy the resources (including populations) of enemy nations, leading to the possible involvement of China and Russia, and thus, the US is still dragged in.

Riots and terror attacks become a regular occurrence in the US, not just initiated by Muslim extremist infiltrators but also leftists who have attached themselves to the cause.

A draft is initiated which conservatives support in the hopes that it will help dissolve the riots. The draft will sink millions of weak, soft zennials (including women) into a bloody quagmire that they have no capacity to adapt to.  Draft protests and riots become the norm, pushing conservatives to support even stricter enforcement.

Finally, martial law is announced, but the soldiers used on American soil to “protect us” from riots and terrorists will be primarily foreign nationals – Illegal migrants given an easy shot at citizenry if they join the military and put the boot down on dissenters, which they will gladly do because they have no cultural attachment to America or Americans. At this stage the constitution will essentially die.

Option B:  The war expands and Israel faces imminent destruction. Biden commits US naval forces to the fight along with ground troops, primarily Special Forces. He then calls for full deployment of US ground forces to the region, but in this scenario the majority of conservatives do not support the action, just as they did not support deployment to Ukraine.

Biden tries to implement a draft in order to force the momentum. Conservatives refuse to comply or allow their children to be sent to die in a foreign conflict. On this one issue, conservatives and leftists actually agree, even if it is for completely different reasons. The country is then hit with an endless series of terror attacks, each one presented as a reason why the public must back the war. Each attack is cheered by the leftist activists as an act of “decolonization.”

Conservatives see this ploy for what it is and still refuse to support the war, taking an “America First” position. Why fight overseas when it’s America that’s under duress?

Biden still attempts martial law. He offers automatic citizenship to illegal immigrants if they serve in the military and uses some of these troops as an occupation presence at home. Leftists don’t want to fight in the Middle East, but they do like to see migrants given easy citizenship and power. They defend the measure – They figure if the migrants fill the ranks of the military maybe they won’t be drafted.

Conservatives rebel, America enters either balkanization or civil war, or both. Patriots are accused of helping the enemies of the United States and are also labeled terrorists. From this point on, anything could happen.

I believe the Israeli trigger may be bigger than covid in terms of the potential global disaster and global tyranny that could unfold. If it continues to escalate and turns into a multi-regional conflict the chances of the fight coming back to America are high. Not just in terms of terrorism, but also in terms of civil unrest and war on our doorstep. If we support the war, martial law is a certainty. If we don’t support the war, martial law will be attempted but at least there are scenarios where it could fail.

I would argue that the only thing that will save America at this stage is the growth of the America First movement. When we talk about America First, this includes not just American security but also American freedoms. There is NO REASON why we can’t have both. If conservatives (and independents) get lured into WWIII, it will be the end.


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  • Serge October 27, 2023 at 12:26 pm

    Again!, Great article Brandon!
    “Our constitutional rights were no longer set in stone, but mere guidelines that government officials could bend or break in the name of “public health safety.” ”
    OR, in the name of “National Security”…

    To my mind – not only! – more than a fiction…:

  • Serge October 27, 2023 at 12:49 pm

    “Riots and terror attacks become a regular occurrence in the US, not just initiated by Muslim extremist infiltrators but also leftists who have attached themselves to the cause.”
    Do not forget major “false flags”!
    Remember that: globalists and establishment will use any means necessary to realize Their Agenda.

  • Smithy October 27, 2023 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks for the analysis. During the past years you have warned that America (as we know it) will fall if conservatives/liberarians (etc.) support the unconstitutional, anti-human measures of globalism. So, let’s not support those agendas.

    I have had a really spooky feeling about this middle east conflict, especially with the “Israel’s 9/11” propoganda. Community organization and simply NOT biting on their juciy carrots and NOT complying will be crucial.

  • Bury murata October 27, 2023 at 7:03 pm

    The davosians were very wise to drag Israel into their reset. Within days, all those skeptical conservatives were lapping up the propaganda and eager to “help”.

    It is fascinating… And sobering to watch this worm turn so quickly.

    I am not optimistic we will pass this final test to keep the republic.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith October 27, 2023 at 9:17 pm

      I’m not so sure about that. I think the “conservatives” in DC jumping on the Israel war bandwagon already had considerable Neo-con leanings. As far as the average conservative goes, they support Israel over Hamas, that’s for sure. But, that doesn’t mean they want to jump into WWIII for Israel.

      • Nick October 29, 2023 at 3:09 pm

        I’m told by a reliable source who is Jewish and has contacts in the IDF that the plan ultimately is to attack IRAN. They (Israeli Military) believe Iran is the one responsible for the October 7 Hamas attack. I asked him if he still had confidence in the Israeli security apparatus after such an egregious failure but he had no response to that question.

        • Avatar photo
          Brandon Smith October 29, 2023 at 3:13 pm

          The IDF already said publicly that they have “evidence” of Iran’s involvement, so that’s not surprising. It’s just a matter of whether or not they actually commit to strikes on Iran, or lure Iran to strike Israel openly.

          • Brian October 29, 2023 at 10:51 pm

            Destroying or even damaging Iran will take Iranian oil off the market and possibly even stifle ME oil shipments altogether.
            That could be a death knell for the US. Without that oil on the world markets, there is no way we can obtain th e oil imports we need to keep our way if life intact.
            A collapse in our way of life will lead to a collapse of our society…….bringing on martial law.

          • Avatar photo
            Brandon Smith October 30, 2023 at 12:49 am

            Energy inflation is merely part of the plan. Read my previous articles on this issue and the climate change agenda.

  • Chris October 28, 2023 at 7:53 am

    It’s amazing to me how many people all of sudden have come out on college campuses and in the streets are pro-Muslim and the LBGTQ community falling in lock step. How stupid are these people?? Do they know what these people stand for? We all know where they came from and we did nothing to stop it. We are a fault for not standing up and calling our Congressman our Senators and telling them this is not what America stands for. There are laws!! Everyone seems to be on the take. And how is it that moderates in the Democratic Party don’t see this as a problem? Did each one of them get a check or a promise that they won’t be harmed and their families will be taken care of?? I don’t get it!! What really is and can be scary is if these “young military” men are able to serve in our military and given military guns from our own government is a recipe for disaster and this will not end well. Sorry for the rant, but this war is not going to end well. I thought the adults “in-the-room” would have cooler heads? Clearly we have a bunch of anti-USA; anit-Israel kids in the WH and all over our Capital. It’s sad.

  • Roundball Shaman October 28, 2023 at 10:49 am

    “Our constitutional rights were no longer set in stone, but mere guidelines that government officials could bend or break in the name of ‘public health safety’.”
    Once they did this to us… they thoroughly and permanently shredded the Social Contracts of how and why this Nation was formed… and the contract that legitimizes the proper relationship between Government and The People.
    And once any contract has been shredded… this is no more good faith between the parties and all bets are off.
    “The conspiracy theorists were right all along; our freedoms rest on a razor’s edge…”
    There is one major reason why our freedoms are on a razor edge: A great number of Americans simply no longer believe in nor do they want… Freedom. They want Daddy Gov to take over and ‘care’ for them so they can live out their lives as perpetual adolescents. It is frightening to realize how many people have given up on freedom.
    “Medical authoritarianism collapsed because conservatives and independents were not onboard and they could not be shamed into compliance.”
    Conservatives and many independents still believe passionately in Freedom. But sometimes this can blind them to the fact that so many have in fact already rejected freedom as being a ‘bad’ thing.
    “In fact, churches have become so weak that they are now being overtaken by LGBT infiltration and trans activism. This never would have been tolerated 20 years ago…”
    This depends on the denomination. Conservative churches would not tolerate this… but many non-conservative churches were already Woke and on-board with this. Wokeism took hold in several denominations beginning in the 1960s.
    “… martial law is announced… At this stage the constitution will essentially die.”
    As I indicated, if Martial Law is announced millions of Americans will be happy as clams. They want this. They have given up on foundational American values and seek the loving arms of armed thugs to ‘protect’ them from harm – all while ignoring the fact that they were ALREADY in harm’s way.
    “I believe the Israeli trigger may be bigger than covid in terms of the potential global disaster and global tyranny that could unfold.”

    ‘They’ are certainly upping-the-ante with each ‘Crisis’ they throw at We the People. They are going for broke and pushing all the chips into the middle of the table. Their motives and intentions get more obvious with each passing hour.
    And many Americans clutching their ‘Blankeys’ are eagerly wait for Daddy to come and take over.
    Conservatives face two big forces opposing them: Those who have erased our Social Contract… and the millions of Americans who are damned happy that They did.
    America has shamed the Founding Fathers. A fate that the Fathers knew could happen one day.

  • Serge October 28, 2023 at 12:21 pm

    In 2007 – you are very familiar with this period Brandon… – a polemical and very, very relevant book (following an article by 2 brillant american political scientists) on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East was published: “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”, by John Mearsheimer (professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago) and Stephen Walt (professor of International Relations at the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University).
    According to Wikipedia:
    P.S.: At the time, I read this very interesting article. In my opinion, it wasn’t “anti-Semitic”, just realistic about Israel’s influence on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. As far as this region is concerned, the facts and U.S. policy speak for themselves…

    P.S. 2:

  • gregori October 28, 2023 at 2:52 pm

    It seems that the first intelligence test for humanity on a global scale has been Covid and the vaccine. The second intelligence test seems to have to do with religion, connected to a “holy war” some PRO-ISRAEL, others AGAINST.

    I wrote a presentation along these lines, but it is in Spanish. Those who do not know Spanish can translate the 18 pages.

    Here in Spain the Muslim invasion is growing. They are brought with large boats and when they are close they are transferred to cayucos, then they have everything insured. They are housed in hotels until they are distributed throughout the country.

    This seems to happen throughout Europe in different ways.
    FOR THIS REASON, a war with deep roots in religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim, with the conflict between Israel and Palestine as its nerve center, can be a warlike version of the future.

  • Rodster October 28, 2023 at 8:35 pm

    This is all heating up rather quickly as Turkey have done an about face on Israel has accused them of war crimes. If this does begin to escalate I can see another and much worse oil crisis which I remember quite well that took place in the 70’s. That could also trigger civil unrest as well.

  • Rodster October 28, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    “Keep in mind, Biden and his globalist friends have used every possible tactic to make martial law an inevitability. Economic instability and stagflation have created a spike in violent crime and looting. Mass illegal migration is dragging down state welfare systems and is creating a trend of cultural dilution. Open borders have allowed any number of possible foreign hostiles into the US.“

    Kinda sounds like the Cloward-Piven strategy.

  • Conservative Thought October 29, 2023 at 7:51 am

    The WEF globalists are using Middle East war to steal another US election and to bring forward their Great Reset targeting depopulation and financial structuring unsustainable global debt

  • pete papageorge October 29, 2023 at 7:56 am

    This whole Israeli war with Hamas seems to be allowed to unfold.

    The Times of Israel had an interesting article about how IDF surveillance soldiers were ignored mentioning Hamas activity and training near the border fences prior to October 7. And knowing the domestic issues regarding Bibi with corruption charges and him not being popular, he clearly saw an opportunity to keep his power by allowing this Hamas intrusion. The ends justify the means.

    The same could be said of the sinking Biden ship. He, rather his handlers see an opportunity to help the cause going into 2024 election cycle. The typical neo-cons are getting their wars against Assad and Iran, and they will not stop until they get it. Even the new Speaker of the House has gone all neo-con by labeling Russia, China and Iran, the “axis of evil.”

    Biden’s project Ukraine has failed, and we have awakened the Russian beast, in terms of mass weapons production that the West lacks. We have no chance to weaken or destroy Russia unless you involve nuclear weapons. Anybody that does not mention this, is clearly not informed about global military projection.

    The keys are what will Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia do? If any of these nations turns from the sidelines to getting involved, both Israel and the U.S. will be defeated in the Middle East. Less strategic weapons, of course.

    While they focus overseas, the home front will be decided by more local factions. We need to get involved more locally and prepare. As I remind everyone, my bumper sticker says it all, “Defend the Bill of Rights, NOT the Government.”

  • Gotheart October 29, 2023 at 10:15 am

    Founding fathers are all in on the plan. That’s how come they knew “fate” would happen one day. 😕

  • Sky October 29, 2023 at 10:21 am

    Brandon, I lurk on ZH and you are my favorite author over there.

    I was a National Guard officer that left in 2020 (prior to vaccine mandates, thank God, and I would have refused them if I remained)

    I am a private detective/process server now and work in affluent areas and not so affluent areas, rural/suburban/urban so I get to see much of my red/purple state.

    I believe there is option C.
    Regarding Zoomers, It was a struggle to get people to join prior to covid. It was a struggle to get some to even show up after they joined even in 2020. Consider all the articles on how they mostly do not qualify for service for reference.

    The medical injuries during initial training were becoming astounding as traditional basic training would break more and more kids because their bone structure simply couldnt handle it (no one plays outside anymore to build up normal bodies) The nutrition of the public today is atrocious (think food is expensive now? Consider the price of real food without seed oils and hfcs). They grew up without knowing good times, they can use a screen but they cant fix computers now since they arent digital pioneers now, they are digital natives, computers “just work” now so they dont know how to fix old legacy systems, they cant work on cars anymore because they dont drive as much and the newer cars arent as easy as they used to be to work on- see right to repair) They dont even pretend to have hope to return to old times and deal with the day as it comes. They would be less effective than the cold war generation for a draft, if drafted they would have less will to fight abroad or here. Dodging the draft would be easier today.

    Consider the numbers as they currently stand, ~400,000 or so active Army personnel, ~400,000 reserve and guard component, consider the size of each component for each state- usually less than 20,000 for total populations in the millions- martial law would unenforceable.

    Overseas I believe the IDF has ~150,000 active and ~400,000 reservists. Turkey has the largest overseas army in NATO. Iran has ~600,000 active, and unlike Iraq who are arabic and not as developed, these persians have a more educated and developed population, with competant domestic military industries.

    The West outsourced its manufacturing and cant even keep up with the small proxy theater of Ukraine in arms production, while Russia reignited their war production. The US Army hasnt fought a near peer adversary, with the last closest entanglements being Vietnam, not the even lower intensity GWOT of the last 20 years could resemble a full fledged war.

    You mentioned taking the people that are flooding the West to be incorporated in the military to be used. They do not have the language, literacy, cultural cohesiveness, or competancy to participate in a highly functional military which is enormously expensive and resource intensive to operate with less and less effective dollars. Consider the now depleted Strategic Petroleum Reserve, that our military may have needed to use.

    I think Option C is institutional failure, civil institutions like courts become overwelmed, they will lose their credibility in the enforcement of judgements. Lines at the DMV will get longer, SNAP (foodstamps) payments become less reliable, or not enough to cover the pricier food. General service quality of the private sector will deteriorate (hasnt it already?). Rule of law is incrementally falling apart after the riots of St. Floyd, with police departments struggling to recruit.

    You mentioned legacy churches being less effective as they were 20 years ago. I think christians didnt go away but became more spiritually independent- consider it a form of instead of 10,000 denominations, now 100,000- I fall into this camp, and my faith has never been stronger.

    Your key word for your article is fear. After enough fear of the last three years I think people wont fall for another pandemic. When the election shenanigans happened, people just wanted to go about their day, go to work, live their lives- it was only when their livelihoods were totally at risk did the focal point of the Supreme Court put us back onto at least a somewhat normal daily life for the last year.

    I think things will break down over time slowly. Until there is no food, or nukes deployed, things carry on.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith October 29, 2023 at 10:34 am

      Unfortunately there is no option C. I address the recruitment problem in the article – They will bring on millions of illegal aliens in exchange for citizenship, and that will be their martial law force, and I think you are dismissing the reality of this out of hand because you don’t want to believe it is possible. Trust, me, it’s not just possible, it’s probable. They won’t attempt another covid event, they will try something different. Hence the push for war overseas, along with probable terror attacks and false flag events. Christians may be going more independent, but they are far less organized than they were 20 years ago, making them weaker overall. There’s no such thing in history as institutional failure without war or attempted authoritarianism. It is time to accept that you will be forced to either accept totalitarian measures and the draft, or, rebel. This is your future. Prepare accordingly.

      • Expatrader October 29, 2023 at 3:22 pm

        Sky puts up a good analysis, but I believe when he mentions “the people that are flooding the West” he misses the fact that the point is not mustering a “highly functional military”. It is about gathering gangs of killer thugs riding around in the back of pickups enforcing various edicts in a summary manner while raping, looting, etc. at will just like in their home countries.
        Note: Here in Phoenix AZ I am noticing certain guys just in over the border. They have high & tight haircuts, ripped builds like special ops guys, and they speak random foreign languages, not just Spanish. Saw 2 up close in Home Depot the other day who seemed to be speaking something Eastern European.

    • JohnB October 29, 2023 at 1:27 pm

      Smart Veterans are telling the Youth of American NOT to volunteer & “serve” to act as enforcers for the insane policies for what is, by definition, an inherently inefficient, wasteful, & coercive monopolist of ultimate decisionmaking & violence: The US Federal Government…
      The US Federal Government leads a parasitic existence at the expense of a subdued and “host” populace.“ And, once government got its hands on tax revenue, it gained all the leverage and spends it in a manner that best advances its interests, which is almost always “progressive”/Leftist/NeoLiberal/NeoCon/Uniparty causes.

      • Avatar photo
        Brandon Smith October 29, 2023 at 2:48 pm

        They wouldn’t be able to serve even if they wanted to. Gen Z is incredibly weak both physically and psychologically. There are some exceptions, but the stats don’t lie – over 77% of Gen Z doesn’t even meet the base requirements for boot camp. If they fought, they would lose horribly. That’s why I continue to believe that the establishment plan is to use illegal migrants for recruitment.

        • Nick October 29, 2023 at 3:18 pm

          Aren’t the illegal migrants just as bad as the GenZers? I agree with you that recruitment is the reason for millions of military age males coming in droves across the border but I’m also curious as to how they could be organized into anything resembling a fighting group.
          Would they be a match for say, local militias that have some veteran elements and know to organize a fight?

          • Avatar photo
            Brandon Smith October 29, 2023 at 3:41 pm

            No, the comparison is not even close. Fighting age migrants would actually pass physical requirements while Gen Z will not. Which is why Gen Z will avidly support illegal migrants joining the military. I’m only talking about meeting recruitment standards. That doesn’t mean migrants will be stellar in combat, they’ll probably suck compared to our military 15 years ago. They’ll be capable enough to put the boot down on a bunch of yuppie civilians for Biden, but they can be dealt with by organized groups of patriots.

  • Jonathan N October 29, 2023 at 10:56 am

    I think most conservatives would oppose a draft rather than support. Another factor in what may happen though in a wider war breaking out (WW III) – is the mainland USA being bombed by Russia and China. I can see the US government entirely collapsing and being unable to maintain order, although perhaps conservatives and libertarians will essentially create a new nation in the region of the Rocky Mountains (Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana in particular) dedicated to individual liberty in the aftermath, upholding the original intent of the Founding Fathers. In the aftermath of the war I can see the New World Order being set up worldwide, and this liberty-dedicated nation undergoing extreme persecution. But then I can also see the NWO collapsing in short order due to infighting amongst those who want control of it. Someone will sabotage it. Just one scenario of course, but I think it’s plausible.

  • Linda October 29, 2023 at 2:26 pm

    Hi Brandon, as usual you analysis is superb…..There is actually an Illuminati Card Game card which depicts Martial Law in the United States.

  • Linda October 29, 2023 at 5:09 pm

    Hi Brandon,

    The following brings me hope that humanity will resist the elites efforts to implement the NWO…

    I live in Australia and it well know how draconian our approach was during the Covid “scamdemic”…..

    Therefore when the Prime Minister announced that Australia was going to have a referendum to vote on a “Voice to Parliament” VTP my first thoughts were if this is anything like covid this referendum is going to be torture.

    It turns out that the reason that Australia needed a referendum was because Australia I believe is the only country in the world that doesn’t have a treaty with its First Nations people and without a treaty it appears that the UN couldn’t implement its UNDRIP (United Nations Rights of Indigenous People). As part of Agenda 2030 from investigations through our referendum it appears that the United Nations is planning to confiscate people private property rights (houses) using this. I believe that this process is well underway in New Zealand and reports are that the confiscated property isn’t going to the original land owners, but to an elite group of activists.

    Almost from the beginning the Leader of the Federal opposition Peter Dutton was against the proposal. His words were “this constitutional change to Australia is about a small group of elites and corporations attempting to change Australia”.

    At the beginning of the referendum the YES vote was approximately 60% to the NO 40%.

    From the get go all the “Lefties” and the corporations, sporting and entertainment personalities sided with the YES camp. I believe that they had close to $100 million in donates to fund the campaign.

    In what was a stroke of genius the NO campaign was headed up by two Aboriginals, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, a Senator and Warren Mundine. Jacinta is a super star, she is everything the left is not: articulate, intelligent, compassionate, genuine, truthful. It was so satisfying to watch the NO campaign turn the figures around to finally win the referendum with over 60% of Australian’s voting NO.

    In my personal opinion I think that Jacinta almost single handedly saved Australia. If the YES campaign had have won almost immediately after the result was in the YES campaign would have been talking about treaties and reparations, all the things that they denigned throughout the campaign that the VTP was about. As it turned out almost immediately after the NO won the various state Premiers came out and said that they are still going ahead with treaties in the various states. Something that most of them have since backed down on because in a democracy 60% of Australians said NO to VTP, treaties, reparation etc….

    What the referendum has exposed to Australian’s is that our country and our way of life is under attack. It’s not left vs right anymore, it’s lefties backed by the corporations and United Nations and conservatives that love our country and our way of life and want to maintain it. We know that we have more battles in front of us ie. Disinformation Laws, CBDS’s, electric vehicles, essentially just Agenda 2030. But what Jacinta and the NO campaign has shown that the agenda is written in stone and that the left is not backed by logic and that we can stop this agenda.

  • Brian October 29, 2023 at 10:25 pm

    What is going to bring about the collapse and then martial law will be the energy cliff we are about to go over in the Western societies.

    It won’t be a president, an election, or a war. It will be the US and Europe getting cut off from some of the massive oil imports they must have everyday. When gasoline goes to $8 a gallon and rationing begins, diesel supplies will collapse. Industry, transportation, and mega farms will take a major hit, and the debt ridden economy will collapse into chaos. People will be starving within weeks. The death toll will make the coronahoax look like the hoax it was.
    Mass rioting and pandemonium will break out across the country. People will beg the government to come in and provide safety and order…… any cost of freedom.
    The whole dynamic scale changes when people get hungry, and the highly centralized, technological, complex, JIT food industry operates on a razor’s edge. We are being slow rolled into that nightmare right now on a week by week basis.
    They……our wise and fearless leadership will blame it on Iran, Russia, and China…….and of course Hamas. But thus energy cliff would happen if not one shot was fired anywhere in the world for the next two years. By this time next year, gas will be $6 a gallon or maybe even $8.
    I believe the forced confrontation in the ME is to give cover to the energy shortage that is on the world’s doorstep. No amount of money or drilling is going to fix this. There is too much debt, and not enough energy to support it. Something is about to break, and break big.
    Iran could destroy America and never fire one shot on American soil. If they shut down oil export traffic for two weeks to a month, the US will fall into disarray and chaos. That is how fragile it all is at this point.

    • Rodster October 30, 2023 at 6:06 pm

      To make matters worse, Joe Bidet burned thru the SPR to keep gas prices low. As Gerald Celente likes to say, “when all else fails, they take you to war”.

    • Gotheart October 30, 2023 at 6:29 pm

      Gas is already 6. A gallon here in ca. 😬

      • Silence Dogood November 6, 2023 at 4:36 pm

        And you’re smiling about that? If things get worse you’ll be paying $10.00/gallon. Good luck with that.

  • JaiSeli October 30, 2023 at 9:22 am

    This drafted “Nam vet sez: BRING IT and return me Home! ‘NUTH’N gunna get “resolved” w/o a [not-so] “civil” bloody ugly v.2.0. Chinese PLA, blue-helmeted clean-up troops, razas’, jihadi terrorist cells be damned! Luv all your literary contribution, Brandon. Your economic, financial, political, social perspicacious sights are remarkable!

  • Gauntlet33 October 30, 2023 at 12:52 pm

    Brandon, interesting article as always.
    First, I’ll say that I appreciate your bold predictions as it’s not easy to go out on a limb.
    Also, I agree that the deep state will do whatever it takes to get the US fighting in a world war, but I believe that they’ve tried this stunt too many times and I think the general populace is very anti-war, so even if they get us into a war, there will be lots of protests and/or rebellion over it.
    And I further think that they know that Israel collapsing won’t be enough for the US to be “dragged into the fight”. I instead see them claiming that a US aircraft carrier (or some other major offensive unit) was attacked — and that would serve as the official provocation.
    I further believe that the globalists will pay off many leftists to commit various kinds of terrorist attacks (bombings, shootings, etc.) in order to push for martial law, but I don’t think it will be sustainable (more than a few months at most) as too many people will resist and work around it, and they’ll then have to drop their martial law mandate as the level of mutiny would otherwise destroy any level of perceived authority.
    Also, the thought of a foreign UN force coming ashore to “protect us” under the guise of “martial law” used to concern me, but I just don’t see them having the numbers necessary to sustain that level of dominion. Although the vast majority of the US population (say 90%) lives in cities, we’re so spread out thousands of miles, so I don’t think it highly likely to have that kind of oppressive force as may occur in a much smaller country like say what happened in Rwanda.
    So in the end, I think the globalists will definitely create chaos, with lots of lives lost (perhaps mostly in the Middle East), but I believe that most of the damage (that Americans experience) will be the ensuing collapse of the US dollar as will be shown by the US intentionally losing the war (after funneling countless more trillions of dollars into Israel and defense), which may be the final blow to our economy and the eventual beginning of a new one, which hopefully Patriots are able to control moving forward.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith October 30, 2023 at 1:38 pm

      I think the US WILL go to war in the Middle East. This is almost assured. But what you describe is basically Option B in the article, which I think is the most likely outcome.

  • Luke October 30, 2023 at 6:14 pm

    —Watching the left try and placate their temper tantrum throwing hooligans warms the heart. Their monster has come home if only for a short time. Watching them squirm after what they have done to me and my people is priceless. Anything that throws sand in their gears is fine in my book.

    —I’m probably voting DT if I vote at all. I no doubt will local if we get there. However I am sick of this 3rd rail of politics that MUST NEVER be named. If you have to ask you already know what it is. Now it’s starting to infiltrate the masses quickly. Yet NOT one politician dare open their mouths. Trump is pretty bold and brash too. Doesn’t care so much about offending people/groups. It’s pretty amazing when you really contemplate it. Yet he remains silent Tsk Tsk.

    —The good news is the more hardened types are the ones that scare TPTB the most. They could easily put down these silly lefties. They have always had the power to spank their assess. The elites love it tho when they terrorize good peeps.

    —Brandon was thinking about your article here. Wanted to get your input or another with a military mind. Florida has 36.3k Nat Guard. Divide that by 67 counties and you are at about 540/county. Doubt they would use them all at once. Am trying to imagine what that would look like. Of course local LE would be in on the act too.

    —I’m guessing disbursement depends on several factors like terrain, population, and number of people who might get out of hand. Trying to imagine what 350 troops;
    Guard/LE might look like in a county with decent sized cities but nothing like a large metropolis? If it’s a lot to explain maybe we could war game that in more minute detail another time.

    —Saw Rosie O’Donnell weepy eyed. She was sad and upset the world was going to shit. For a moment I felt a bit of remorse but then I remembered what that bitch thinks of me and my kind. To her and those like her I say reap the whirlwind you motherfuckers. Not so goddamn funny anymore is it.

  • Jedi October 31, 2023 at 9:45 am

    Hey Brandon:
    The talkin heads are preaching this is Israel’s 9/11.
    I think they are right in more ways than one. There is simply no way that their intel agencies didn’t know this was being plotted and then executed.
    It was allowed to happen.
    Why? Bibi’s fight with the supreme court? A larger plan involving the globalists?
    A power grab? Unknown at this time.
    An IDF officer claimed they could see an insect crossing their borders. A massive failure or a plotted bloody incident to provide cover for the next move.
    I think a amorphous Hodge podge of option B is most likely. As a combat wounded Infantryman I can assure you we will not accept a draft of my children that is my hill. I still see secession as a option legally or just through an inability of the Fed to control ANYTHING outside of DC. If we refuse to comply what are their options?
    A global power vacuum may be in the design of our failure. I tell all who would listen-it will only take the power to go off for a few weeks or months and half of our population will die.
    Oh yes the zombies are coming but in the form of our friends’ and neighbors who failed to heed our council.
    Pray. train. plan.
    May God be with you all.

  • Ghost of the Truth October 31, 2023 at 11:29 am

    Neocons are a) all ex democrats and b) largely Jews

    Another classic example of labeling themselves one thing – conservative – while being another – liberal which is the strain of politician prone to totalitarianism…

    • Luke October 31, 2023 at 3:40 pm

      I’m afraid political parties are irrelevant on this topic. Look at the cabinets are stuffed with people who have dual citizenship with China 😉 Check this shit out. No one, including Trump ever discusses this as being a problem. I’m afraid until it can be openly talked about nothing gets solved. It’s only a couple of minutes and needs to be seen. This man has some stones.

  • Dena November 1, 2023 at 5:25 pm

    Good piece Brandon. Wondering if you’ve read “The Great Taking” by David Rogers Webb, a former hedge fund manager. It’s a free download book, first link. Second link to YouTube interview with Webb. Just reading his book’s prologue gives a pretty clear picture of how the author thinks the reset will occur.

  • Jasonn November 2, 2023 at 10:17 am

    Conspiracy theories will henceforth be known as ‘spoiler alerts.”

  • Bernie November 3, 2023 at 5:58 pm

    Congrats on shout out from X22 on this article!

  • Serge November 5, 2023 at 2:17 pm

    A major economic collapse – and the resulting chaos – could also be the catalyst for martial law.
    The next few months could be decisive.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith November 5, 2023 at 2:23 pm

      I think it will be a combination of crisis events.

  • Mojer November 6, 2023 at 3:59 am

    Great analysis Brandon, confirming what you writing if we want to look at history and the repetition of history with what happened to the great Roman Empire at the end of its reign and had to call the majority of foreigners among its soldiers offering Roman citizenship at the end of their service military.
    And as always, history repeats itself because human beings have never learned from their mistakes.

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