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Issue #75 Of The Wild Bunch Dispatch Has Been Released! Discussion on April 28th

April 25, 2022

The 75th issue of The Wild Bunch Dispatch, Alt-Market’s newsletter on defeating globalism from best case scenario to worst case scenario, has been released to subscribers.

The email system is not perfect, so if you subscribed but did not receive a copy, it is possible your email bounced back, or it is in your Spam folder.  I have received several subscriptions by regular mail in which people forgot to include their email address or their writing was not legible.  Please contact me if you subscribed but did not get a copy of the latest issue:

Open discussion on The Wild Bunch Dispatch (Today’s Economic Crisis Will Be Far Worse Than The Great Depression – Here’s Why) will be held on Thursday April 28th from 6pm to 7:30pm Mountain Time.  If you would like to subscribe, you can still receive Issue #75 upon request and participate in the group discussion.  Just visit our SUBSCRIPTION PAGE HERE.


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  • Luke April 25, 2022 at 8:59 pm

    Great read, God I hope your estimate of the prepper populations is accurate. I live in a pretty rural place and have some pretty conservative logical thinking friends and family. They still live in a bubble of normalcy bias though. I am a fighter by nature and 2020 was the year I started getting ready for the big throw down. I had not idea who or what the enemy was at the time but I sensed something very dark was coming. After the lockdowns were initiated and after about a week long binder I came to my senses. I froze in terror at the thought of all the things you just described. Your comparison to the people of 1929 to those of today is exactly how I saw it in 2020. I could not fathom the thought of shutting down the engine that fueled the world’s economic needs. It’s simply amazing how many people still do not understand the perils of it. My mistake was not understanding that we could rely on magic money to keep things from tumbling over the cliff. But there’s not doubt in my mind we are out of tools and out of time. This fiat money ponzi scheme has run its course. If one thinks about it we can look at the total unaccountable spending sprees over the last generation to deduct TPTB knew this day would eventually come. I believe the lockdown in Shanghai is a sham. I don’t mean to the people who are taking heat but its not over Covid. This has been done to hurt our supply chain issues further. Since FJB was installed the border has been wide open. I think its short sighted on our part to think its about stealing elections. I think its more about packing as many hungry people into the tightest quarters and throwing a ribeye in the pile. Always had guns, hunted, etc but never dreamed I would be in the state that I have evolved into. Your description about the type of people and their living standards is unfortunately spot on. I can see those people in the late 20’s tough as nails but also more willing to help one another. I think in many rural places that will not be unheard of but in the cities I have very little hope. Welcome to Thunderdome!!

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