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Taking Away Special Treatment For Woke Corporations Is Not “Authoritarian”

April 22, 2022

By Brandon Smith

For many years now I have been pointing out that there is a false public perception of the relationship between governments and corporations. In the past the belief has been that government is supposed to keep private business in check while private business is supposed to limit government intrusion through the assertion of property rights. But when it comes to major corporations there is no such game of balance. In reality, international conglomerates like Disney generally do whatever they please because they are PARTNERS with government.

For whatever reason, certain companies are afforded special treatment by state and federal institutions and what this does is create problems. This is not a free market system, rather, it is socialist and monopolistic. Subsidies and incentives can sometimes be used to encourage business growth, but when they are afforded to only a tiny handful of mega-corporations the result is the opposite; the growth of competition is stifled and small to medium businesses will never be able to compete with the giants that have already garnered government protection.

It’s interesting to me that the political left, which was once supposedly anti-big business, is now suddenly so enamored with corporate oligarchy to the point that they rabidly defend it as long as those companies espouse woke rhetoric. What this confirms is something that conservatives have always known – That leftists don’t have any concrete principles or morals, they only care about winning no matter the cost.

In 2020 I published an article suggesting a potential solution to Big Tech and woke corporate censorship of conservative ideas: That solution would be for conservative state governments to take away the very incentives and subsidies that they often use to entice these businesses into setting up shop within their borders. That is to say, all they have to do is take away the special goodies that these corporations never should have been handed in the first place.

At the time, I thought that no state government would actually have the guts to carry out such a strategy, but things have changed. Corporations like Disney have now crossed the line into the realm of open indoctrination; asserting that they will upend any Florida law that prevents the sexualization and indoctrination of children into the leftist fold. Disney picked a fight; they strutted around as if they owned the state, and now they are paying the price by losing the very subsidies that made them successful.

This in itself is not the overt use of government power as a means to oppress the rights of businesses. These corporations have no right to such subsidies and they are not entitled to special treatment. Taking it away is not a violation of any business’ rights or of private property rights. Subsidies are something that certain corporations have come to expect, and maybe that should change.

In my recent article on Elon Musk’s ongoing plan to buy out the leftist hive mind known as Twitter, I made this argument:

Musk’s surprising pursuit of Twitter is interesting no matter which way it goes. He could take control and shut the whole thing down, which is what I would suggest given the platform is a cancer on society and rife with government and corporate surveillance. Scattering the blue check cult to the four winds would be one of the best gifts Musk could give the the world right now. They can always complain about everything on other platforms, just not with so much concentrated corporate and government power at their disposal.

They’ll say this is all an attack on free speech, but these people don’t understand what free speech is. They believe that it is free speech if they walk up to people and say “I’m going to destroy you and your way of life.” And then when those people react to stop them, they cry that they are victims and claim that this is a violation of their rights. Where I come from, you don’t make threats against people and then expect them to do nothing about it. The leftists on Twitter and elsewhere are going to learn this lesson soon, one way or another.”

The Cry-Bully tactic used by leftists is ever present and embarrassingly evident in their response to the battle between Disney and the state of Florida. Disney has enjoyed extensive subsidies and special incentives from Florida through their Reedy Creek municipality agreement. Of course, when this deal was signed Disney was not seen as a hostile entity that would seek to supplant Florida’s legislature and voters.

The lies that leftists are using to attack Florida’s anti-grooming bill and the state response to Disney’s woke corporate hostility are bizarrely tone deaf. These people clearly have no understanding how businesses the size of Walt Disney World function and make money and how they integrate into state tax systems. They also appear to be oblivious to the trespasses of their own side, or they are gaslighting as if the woke cult has done nothing wrong and Florida’s reaction is completely unprovoked. The amount of disinformation being spread by leftists on this issue is truly staggering.

If you want a prime example of this I suggest taking a look at THIS ARTICLE from the Florida Politics website as well as the responses from leftists in the comments. The level of delusion is shocking. Here are just some of the lies perpetrated by the left so far in reference to the Reedy Creek situation:

Governor DeSantis Is A “Bully” And Authoritarian Picking On Disney?

This is pure idiocy. A state governor is “bullying” a massive international conglomerate with its tentacles wrapped around numerous facets of our society including considerable control over the mainstream media? Yeah, I don’t think so. If anything, Disney is the bully on the block that has finally for the first time been punched in the face by a kid he thought he could shake down for lunch money. And now Disney, in typical gaslighting fashion, is pretending to be the victim and the leftists are eating it up.

It was Disney that started this fight by stating they would do everything in their power to undermine the legislature and the majority of voters in Florida and dismantle a law which protects young children from gender identity indoctrination and sexualized lessons which have no place in public schools anyway. Not only that, but Disney has been exposed as a leftist indoctrination machine as they openly admit in Zoom conference calls to injecting gender identity and LGBT propaganda into their content directed specifically at young children.

The leftist strategy basically boils down to this, and it stems from classic Marxist disruption of a society: Keep stabbing at the bear and try to kill him with a thousand cuts, and when the bear decides to bite back, act like you’re a poor victim that needs protection from the bear. Beg some hunters to kill the bear for you, and see who you can con into doing it.

The Florida Anti-Grooming Law And Response To Disney Is A “Violation Of Free Speech?”

No, it is not. Again, corporations are not entitled to special subsidies that give them monopolistic power. Governments should not give out such subsidies, but if they do, they can certainly take them away any time they want. Disney’s speech has not been impeded by the end of Reedy Creek; now they have to operate on a level playing field along with other businesses. God forbid…

Teachers have no free speech rights inside the classroom.  They are employees of the district and work for the parents that pay the taxes that pay their salaries.  They do not have the right to teach sexualized lessons or ideological cultism to children that are not their own.

Also, leftists have no concept of what free speech actually means. They are constantly engaged in censorship and cancel culture and argue with an ends-justify-the-means attitude. They like to call it “consequence culture” instead of cancel culture. Now that they are getting a taste of their own medicine, they don’t seem to like it very much and suddenly consider it “authoritarianism.” In other words, their definition of tyranny is when they are not allowed to do whatever they want whenever they please no matter how criminal or immoral.

There Is No Sexualization Or Indoctrination Of Children, So The Law Is Pointless?

If there is no intent to sexualize children in public schools, then why are leftists so enraged by the law? If it changes nothing, then why are they against it? I have yet to see a leftist actually answer this question with any logic or reason.

Furthermore, their argument is based on a lie. The facts show that there has been a growing program of gender identity indoctrination in schools including teachers openly admitting online that they are engaged in sex lessons for young students. These teachers even argue that children as young as kindergarten are “sexually aware” and are “already asking questions” about gender and sex. I defy any leftist to show me an example of a young child interested in this nonsense that hasn’t been groomed into it by a teacher or a parent.

Libs Of TikTok has been an excellent source for collecting and showcasing the open admissions of leftist teachers discussing how they indoctrinate children with their ideology. All the account does is show these people speaking in their own words about their own activities. Yet, their Twitter account has come under attack by the media for doing nothing more than letting the teachers speak for themselves.

Some examples of grooming in schools include leftist states like New Jersey, which are adding gender identity and sex lessons into the curriculum for 1st graders and above. There are also numerous online courses and resources published by leftist groups designed to show teachers how to build gender and sex lessons into their lesson plans. Leftists have been attempting to make gender ideology a pillar within the education system by using the Equality Act to adjust discrimination standards. This would essentially make it discriminatory to NOT include gender identity and alternative sex lessons in public school curriculum.

This is happening across the nation and yet leftists continue to claim it is all a “conspiracy theory.”

Conservatives In Florida Are “Burning Books?”

This meme is popping up often in conjunction with the DeSantis response to Disney’s transgressions. Leftists can’t win the debate on Reedy Creek so they then turn to disinformation on Florida’s discernment on school textbooks.

Math and STEM books should not contain ANY sociological commentary, including critical race theory or gender identity propaganda. They should teach math and science. That is all.

There Is No CRT Being Added To School Textbooks?

Yes, there is, and Florida just released some examples of the lessons they are finding hidden in new textbooks, which include math problems that “measure racial bias using polynomials,” and using an “Implicit Association Test” to measure racism. Critical Race Theory in school textbooks IS A FACT. There is no debate.

Leftists can deny reality all they want, but the truth does not care about their fantasies.

Florida Needs Disney Revenues And Will Fold Under Pressure From Lobbyists?

Uh, no, they won’t fold and DeSantis has already proven this. Reedy Creek is over. Sure, Disney will try to fight this in court but they will fail because no company can argue that they have a legal entitlement to special treatment from a state government, which is what Reedy Creek is.

As far as revenues are concerned, there is zero chance that Disney will be able to relocate their theme park, which is around the same size as the city of San Francisco. The cost would be prohibitive and would destroy the company’s bottom line. Leftists don’t understand logistics and they don’t understand business. They think that Disney has some kind of economic leverage to exploit here, which just goes to show how ignorant they are on how these companies function.

Everything Disney does comes down to cost vs. benefit. Even though they claim to have high ideals rooted in leftist illusions of “equity,” when all is said and done the shareholders of the company are their only concern. To move the park would be pointless because the cost would far exceed any subsidies they might get from another state for many years to come, causing their stock prices to plunge even further. This means they will continue to operate in Florida or they will be forced to shut down completely, which again, would collapse their stock price.

Disney is not the “hand that feeds Florida,” Florida is the hand that feeds Disney. Many people don’t understand that Disney is reliant on park revenues to keep the company afloat, their movies are peripheral to the parks. And, with California going down the tubes as a vacation spot, Florida is where the money is at. Disney’s only option is to stay in Orlando, pay their taxes and remain under the watchful eye of the state government or they will die as a company. It’s that simple.

At bottom it’s amazing that leftists have chosen this hill to die on. Standing against a bill that prevents indoctrination and sexualization of young children automatically makes them suspect. They claim it’s not happening, which is a provable lie. They claim it’s authoritarian, but can’t produce a logical argument as to how preventing such lessons in public schools violates anyone’s rights. They say that conservatives are bullies for going after Disney, but ignore the fact that Disney started the whole thing by attacking Floridians that support a legal and constitutional bill.

Frankly, these people deserve what they get. There is no reasoning with them and their insanity should be held up as an example of what not to do as a society for generations to come. They should be kept as far away from power as possible because they are dangerous zealots who do not care about facts, science or core principles. They only want to destroy their enemies, and they see us as the enemy. If they can get to us through our kids, then they are fine with that. I feel no empathy for them when they get hit back.



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  • Gauntlet33 April 22, 2022 at 11:37 am

    “And now Disney, in typical gaslighting fashion, is pretending to be the victim and the leftists are eating it up.”
    When the bully pretends to be the victim, and people actually believe that lie, then you know you’re dealing with people who are not sane. That’s why there’s no longer any room to negotiate with the Left as they’ve gone completely communist/socialist hive-mind, and they will utterly shutdown any honest debate, as Brandon has successfully, repeatedly pointed out.
    “If there is no intent to sexualize children in public schools, then why are leftists so enraged by the law? If it changes nothing, then why are they against it? I have yet to see a leftist actually answer this question with any logic or reason.”
    Last, my kids and I love many Disney and other companies’ animated movies, but if it means that their leftist propaganda takes them down, then I’ll be perfectly okay with that.

    • Luke April 25, 2022 at 9:23 pm

      They always fall back to the victim hood bullshit. The left represents the worst of bullies; the worst of humanity. They provoke and they provoke but only if they know it’s an unfair fight. If the tables are turned they immediately fall back to the victim status. The parable is old as paintings on the wall of a cave. Humanity has always shared stories depicting the treachery of these kind of people.

  • JustOneGuy April 22, 2022 at 2:20 pm

    “In reality, international conglomerates like Disney do whatever they please because they are PARTNERS with government.”
    In this, I beg to differ Brandon. When a few decades ago the big push to ‘outsource’ everything – beginning with heavy manufacturing, then spreading everything else – it was but prelude to moving Corporate governance into the essentially Lawless Supra-National realm. How many American corporate entities now headquarter themselves in say, Ireland? The number would shock most who acquainted themselves therewith.
    The Founders charged us with vigilance from the outset to be sure, though I doubt that even minds as astute as those could have seen the handwriting on the wall as that first began. Virtually everyone ‘knew’ on some level that as heavy industry left American shores (likely forever) producing the carnage which came to be known as the “Rust Belt Arates” that something exceedingly rotten in Denmark…but just as a frog slowly boiled in water fails to recognize the mortal danger until it is too late, so we too failed to apprehend what was transpiring.
    In moving the manufacturing base off-shore the PTB crippled America’s ability to ever respond as it did in WWI and II…but thereafter, by placing their corporate elements outside of American jurisdiction it became a Fait’ Accompli which now cannot be rectified inside of our system of governance, our framework of Law.
    If any partucular district attempts to reign them in they then simply relocate to another less restrictive region…effectively making them immune to any law anyone attempts to implement to rectify matters.
    Where they DO get pressed on firmly then the age-old strategy of “Regulatory Capture” is employed and again their plans are not derailed even slightly.
    When you have a charlatan like Elon (P T Barnum) Musk rising to the pinnacle of utterly obscene Wealth along with the likes of Jeff (The BORG) Bezos, Bill (Dr Mengele) Gates operating beyond the reach of ANY Law you do not have a partnership with Governance, instead, you OWN it.
    That is not to say that matters are hopeless…far from it, in fact. At the heart of every strategy the likes of those develop is a single mistaken presumption: That when the SHTF that THEY’RE property rights will be enforced whilst everyone else is simply allowed to drown in the Tsunami of Debt that they have fed is richly from.
    In 1929 people were put out on the streets with all their weirdly possessions during which they stood about looking like little more than a Doe in your headlights. THIS time that will NOT be the case, “We, the People” have peaked behind the curtain and seen fully the abuse visited upon us by those claiming to be our ‘betters’ and IMHOM “We’re mad as hell…and we’re not going to take it anymore.”
    Personal property of the obscenely Rich will be stolen out from under them; already organized gangs of criminals are specifically targeting flashy Beverly Hills residents in coordinated fashion. Pristine National and State Parks represent a VAST amount of extremely useful land…think people won’t start co-opting thise but by but as the scope of the effective power of governance to enforce their clustering of those wanes?
    No, indeed we are only a few short steps from the admonition Justice Brandeis set forth when he opined from the Bench of the Supreme Court way back in 1929 in SImpson v US,
    “When government becomes a law breaker it it invites EVERY man to become a law until himself; it invites ANARCHY.”
    To the OTB at large: Exactly WHO do you believe is going to stand for your RIGHTS when you have spent your entire existence undermining everyone else’s?
    Hell IS coming to Breakfast and very likely staying for a very illuminating and protracted visit.

    Have a Great weekend everyone…JOG

    PS: IF Musk did even approximately what Brandon suggest above I might well reconsider my opinion of him, otherwise my characterization of him remains.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith April 22, 2022 at 2:28 pm

      The only reason corporations have been able to outsource much of US manufacturing is BECAUSE of their collusion with government. Government rarely interfered, and in many cases they actually helped.

  • JustOneGuy April 22, 2022 at 3:14 pm

    Absolutely Brandon, none of which I even passably take as other that FACT. No, instead I was attempting to assess the causality hereinvolved.
    In retrospect, I now see the first initial inroads made by the PTB into the grand corruption of governance – first here, then more broadly – lay in the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank…I could quote Mayer Rothschilde here but that’s one you’re wholly acquainted with undoubtedly.
    From that single point the rot spread as influence suborned first individuals in various branches to today when whole appendages (possibly ALL) are so wholly captured as to be nothing more than apparatchik’s of the Hyper-Wealthy. FDA, USDA, HUD, Armed Forces, SC, POTUS, Congress et ALL, are all clearly and obviously bought and paid for. In my honest opinion, indubitably so..
    More importantly yet is the observation I propounded in the latter portion of the preceding. SURELY, they cannot possibly believe that they can hire enough Mercenaries to stand watch over everything they ostensibly own…and if so, what then does that dictate as thier response.
    Frankly, THAT is what keeps me up at night Sir.

    Sincere Regards…JOG

  • Greg B. April 22, 2022 at 5:59 pm

    Anyone who can say with a straight face that Florida needs Disney for financial support has probably never actually been to Florida. Having lived in the state for little over a year I can say from personal experience that the whole state is one big tourist with it’s beaches, national parks plus the Everglades, fishing, boating, shopping, festivals, casinos and historical districts. Compared to all that, Disneyland is barely a drop in the bucket, and it going out of business would barely make a ripple in the states overall revenue.

    And I firmly Walt Disney is spinning in his grave over what his work, his legacy and his name has become. I remember seeing an old of him before the national Un-American Activities Commission where Walt soundly condemned not only fascism but communism as well. It both tragic and ironic that his work is now being used to promote the very ideals he staunchly opposed in life.

    Frankly the encaned kingdom is long overdue for a barbarian invasion, and De Santis is the King Aleric of our time.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith April 22, 2022 at 6:28 pm

      Yes, I lived there for almost a decade and I can say with expert knowledge that the state does NOT need Disney. Almost every part of Florida is considered a major tourist destination and the majority of people that travel there never go to Disney World. They bring in massive tourist dollars and Disney has very little to do with it.

  • Sweetie Girl April 22, 2022 at 6:40 pm

    I am still trying to wrap my head around the government/corporation partnership. Why was Reedy Creek ever put in place in the first place? What was the original and intended purpose? Also, what is going on exactly with ESG scores? How is it that corporations benefit more from good ESG scores than from selling lots of their service or product? They definitely seem to care more about the woke agenda and/or ESG scores than they do the consumer.

    • Concerned April 23, 2022 at 7:54 am

      They benefit from ESG scores because other corporations who purchase from them, or who sell to them, do not purchase or sell if the ESG score is not sufficient. It’s a rigged game and most large companies are now playing it. For example, I can make the best cookies ever, but if none of the large supermarket chains will purchase because I don’t participate in ESG activities, I can choose to thrive or die by playing the game or not.

  • Byron April 22, 2022 at 6:49 pm

    Huge thanks to you, Brandon. I’ve read your articles on corporations in the past and they have clarified things for me.

  • Mr.BA April 23, 2022 at 9:02 am

    Taxation, regulations and inflation. The true killer of capitalism. F Disney.

  • Ft. Nolan April 23, 2022 at 2:25 pm

    This is only a suggestion, but what if the Democrat National Convention were to be held on a Disney cruise ship or ships in 2024? Let them drift into international waters somewhere within the area formed by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. And let nature run its course…

  • TheTruthBurns April 23, 2022 at 3:38 pm

    Jizney & Pedoland it’s an LGBTQ Paradise along with child grooming.

  • Marty April 23, 2022 at 9:09 pm

    I disagree with disney and chuckle about the retaliation but I’m concerned about it. Revenge for having the “wrong” opinion is something leftists do. We shouldn’t stoop to that level and legitimize that tactic.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith April 23, 2022 at 9:35 pm

      This is a common argument based on faulty logic. When a group of people decide they want to destroy your culture and your way of life, you don’t have to become a monster to defeat the monster, but you don’t puss around either. They started it and now we have to finish it. You have to destroy the threat. It’s not a legitimization of their tactics of sabotage to go on the offensive and stop the sabotage. They have proven they are a danger to freedom, to our culture of merit and self reliance and reason, and to our children. I have ZERO empathy for Disney or the leftists in general. They didn’t just voice an “opinion,” they announced arrogantly that they were going to do everything in their power to take down the anti-grooming law passed legally and constitutionally. They announced that they were going to undermine the voters of the state of Florida. Not only that, but they were going to use incentives and subsidies provided BY FLORIDIANS to do it. Leftist authoritarians have been on the attack and we have done nothing but defend, defend, defend. It’s time to go on the offensive and remove their twisted ideology from our society FOREVER. At the very least they need to be moved far away from any source of influence or control. The fight against psychopaths cannot be won with defense alone, they must be made to pay a price for their trespasses or they will learn nothing and continue their aggression.

      • Gauntlet33 April 25, 2022 at 9:57 am

        Hey Brandon, I really have to commend you for sticking to your guns. Time and time again, many have attacked your opinions, but you’ve managed to coolly shoot them down (no pun intended) with logic and reason.

        • Gauntlet33 April 25, 2022 at 12:45 pm

          Also, speaking of Florida, so far Gov. De Santis appears to be a good guy fighting for freedom, but what I still don’t get is why he’s allowing the GMO moquitoes to be released there. Perhaps he can’t get the state legislature to ban them?

          • Avatar photo
            Brandon Smith April 25, 2022 at 3:38 pm

            He may not even be aware of the the threat posed by such experiments. It’s important to remember that most politicians do not get exposed to the same information we do daily. We have known about the insidious nature of the gender identity cult for years, and only now are state governments like Florida’s waking up.

  • Dennis April 23, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    Brandon, as you wrote, I feel no empathy for them when they get hit back. Just tell them to piss off!
    A List Of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred At Key Food Industry Facilities In The U.S. Since The Start Of 2022

    • Gauntlet33 April 25, 2022 at 10:03 am

      Yeah, the Ice Age Farmer is also doing a great job keeping track of the destruction of the food supply:
      And he recently posted several articles where the ESG / social credit score push is coming.

      • Dennis April 25, 2022 at 2:38 pm

        Do not get too caught up with the busyness of life. Take time to silence the noise outside of you, so that you can listen to the music inside.

  • Katie Jorgensen April 24, 2022 at 9:11 am

    Marxism is by far the world’s most dangerous, murderous, hateful, and intolerant religion, a huge threat to human rights (like free speech, freedom of religion, free markets, etc) and human lives.

    We have to find additional ways to fight back against them and put a stop to their designs, which are enslavement and mass murder of all who resist.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand that this is what they want and will do unless stopped needs to wake the @#$% up.

    The conservative and libertarian crowd, i.e. people who believe in liberty, would let a group live socialist if they choose, voluntarily, to do so. But socialists and fascists (slight variations of the same thing) will NEVER allow anyone to opt out of their designs. They have a compulsion, basically a mental illness, that causes them to HAVE TO attack and destroy and interfere with the lives and happiness of others, and to spread misery as much as they can before they die.

    Marxism/leftism/socialism/communism/fascism – must be defeated just like any psychopathic criminals hellbent on harming you and who will NOT stop until stopped.

  • Tom Atlandis April 24, 2022 at 12:22 pm

    All part of the globalist elite and government program. Just think how much if most people get the woke mind virus and become gay? That’s a great way to lower population growth. Last I knew of lgbt don’t reproduce they have to recruit.

  • Naatok April 25, 2022 at 3:39 pm

    Been a Floridian for 52 years now, and can also vouch that the state doesn’t need the rodent. It’s always been the other way around. Now more than ever.
    And if the rodent wants to side with those who desire to sexualize and indoctrinate our kids into their insane cult, well, they’re going to discover very rapidly that they are on the wrong side of history, and are picking a fight they cannot win.
    I used to like the rodent, back with the corporation showed some semblance of support for family values. Now, they’re just another cog in the globalist machine.

  • Gauntlet33 April 25, 2022 at 4:44 pm

    Another poster on ZH posted this and I couldn’t agree more:
    “Musk is full of it.

    1. He wants to replace gas vehicles (agenda item)
    2. Forced ID login to Twitter (agenda item)
    3. Normalize fully computerized, tracked, and controllable Electric vehicles (agenda item)
    4. Vague reference to free speech (bloviating, means nothing)
    5. Pushes public digital currency instead of private ones like Monero (agenda item)
    6. Non private digital currency further leads to unavoidable social credit scoring systems (agenda item)
    7. Banks in Canada closed accounts of users for what the state deemed as “terrorism” which couldn’t be more opposite of the truth, they were trying to reinstate freedom non violently (agenda item)
    8. Normalize chips inserted into humans (agenda item)

    He could be the picture in the definition of controlled opposition.
    Elon Musk is a cad and a con man and part of the elite (psychopath parasite) group.”

  • John B April 25, 2022 at 6:57 pm

    A bit off topic, but does it bother anyone (about BTC & cryptocurrencies in general) is “a system built on SHA-256 which was patented by the NSA”

    • Gauntlet33 April 26, 2022 at 10:23 am

      Great point. If the NSA is the Assignee (which I believe means they own the patent), then doesn’t it prove that the cryptos are not the alternative currencies that many believe them to be?

  • Nick April 26, 2022 at 6:16 am

    Brandon, great article. What are your thoughts about Desantis’ affiliations and support of Trump? Is he a good guy here? What about Texas Governor Greg Abbott? He’s been cracking down on illegal border control that Biden wouldn’t do and accepting of Bitcoin companies and Tesla, etc.. Are most conservative State Governments still sane?

  • Janis May 5, 2022 at 12:45 pm

    There was a Supreme Court decision in the 1870s that made corporations a separate entity from their owners. That means that a corporation can do all kinds of dirty deeds and the individuals who directed the corporation’s action are not personally liable. This needs to be struck down.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith May 5, 2022 at 1:21 pm

      Yes, it’s called corporate personhood, and it’s just another example of how corporations are socialist organisms created by governments.

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