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Next Issue Of The Wild Bunch Dispatch: The Psychology Of Desperation – People You Should Avoid During A Crisis

June 29, 2022

Issue #79 of The Wild Bunch Dispatch, Alt-Market’s exclusive newsletter covering concepts and tactics for defeating globalism, is set to be released on July 2nd. The Wild Bunch is a place to explore subjects and solutions to centralized tyranny which are rarely if ever covered by the rest of the alternative media. Meaning, we talk about direct action measures along with more passive strategies.

Almost every single problem during a national crisis event can be accounted for and prepared for if you are smart enough and put in the work; however, the problem of human frailty is something that is hard to predict. There are people out there that are tough as granite and mentally ready for almost anything, and then there are people that have minds made of glass that will shatter emotionally at the first sign of danger. Knowing who is who can be difficult.

Sometimes, you can live for many years around a person but never see their true character until the pressure is on. But because we ALL need other people for our long term survival, we have to take that gamble every single day. In the next issue of the Wild Bunch Dispatch I will talk about ways to increase your odds of finding the right people vs struggling with the worst people as they sabotage your efforts. We will examine various warning signs in behaviors and attitudes that might indicate a person that will let you down in the future. This is perhaps one of the MOST important survival skills of all – The ability to see through other people’s facades.

The Psychology Of Desperation – People You Should Avoid During A Crisis

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  • helot June 29, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    One type:

    ‘The O’Jays ft MFSB ~ Backstabbers 1972 Disco Purrfection Version’

  • Luke July 3, 2022 at 8:15 pm

    Not sure if you have another thread to discuss the Newsletter but no worries. Its a great roadmap to keep one on course. I would be lying to say over the 40+ years I had not displayed some of those traits. This is where the getting to know oneself is pretty damn important. In different periods of my life I have exhibited most of those behaviors to some degree. That’s me being honest with myself. However I have known people in those categories that fall into one exclusive category time and time again. If I zero in one one of those people in dark times I will either make them leave, beat it out of them, or make them disappear (David Copperfield type shit lol). Again its an excellent guide as to what to be wary of. Some of the more aggressive traits will be harder to deal with unless you part ways. And those types are not eager to be told that their services are no longer needed. Depending on your situation they could come back for your communities’ goods. I don’t plan on having much but family and a willingness to work with like minded people within a reasonable proximity. I have assumed for some reason (right or wrong) that is how most will be. Would like to hear how you imagine SHTF WROL would play out. It’s really hard what to expect. Can America hobble onward critically wounded with some semblance of civilization intact?

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