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The Digitization Of Humanity Shows Why The Globalist Agenda Is Evil

January 10, 2023

By Brandon Smith

In recent weeks I’ve been seeing an interesting narrative fallacy being sold to the general public when it comes to the designs of globalists. The mainstream media and others are now openly suggesting that it’s actually okay to be opposed to certain aspects of groups like the World Economic Forum. They give you permission to be concerned, just don’t dare call it conspiracy.

This propaganda is a deviation from the abject denials we’re accustomed to hearing in the Liberty Movement for the past decade or more. We have all been confronted with the usual cognitive dissonance – The claims that globalist groups “just sit around talking about boring economic issues” and nothing they do has any bearing on global politics or your everyday life. In some cases we were even told that these groups of elites “don’t exist”.

Now, the media is admitting that yes, perhaps the globalists do have more than just a little influence over governments, social policies and economic outcomes. But, what the mainstream doesn’t like is the assertion that globalists have nefarious or authoritarian intentions. That’s just crazy tinfoil hat talk, right?

The reason for the narrative shift is obvious. Far too many people witnessed the true globalist agenda in action during the pandemic lockdowns and now they see the conspiracy for what it is. The globalists, in turn, seem to have been shocked to discover many millions of people in opposition to the mandates and the refusals to comply were clearly far greater than they expected. They are still trying to push their brand of covid fear, but the cat is out of the bag now.

They failed to get what they wanted in the west, which was a perpetual Chinese-style medical tyranny with vaccine passports as the norm. So, the globalist strategy has changed and they are seeking to adapt. They admit to a certain level of influence, but they pretend as if they are benevolent or indifferent.

The response to this lie is relatively straightforward. I could point out how Klaus Schwab of the WEF savored the thrill of the initial pandemic outbreak and declared that covid was the perfect “opportunity” to initiate what the WEF calls the “Great Reset.”

I could also point out that Klaus Schwab’s vision of the Reset, what he calls the “4th Industrial Revolution”, is a veritable nightmare world in which Artificial Intelligence runs everything, society is condensed into digital enclaves called “smart cities” and people are oppressed by carbon taxation. I could point out that the WEF actively supports the concept of the “Shared Economy” in which you will “own nothing, have no privacy” and you will supposedly be happy about it, but only because you won’t have any other choice.

What I really want to talk about, however, is the process by which the elites hope to achieve their dystopian epoch, as well as the globalist mindset which lends itself to the horrors of technocracy. The common naive assumption among skeptics of conspiracy is that the globalists are regular human beings with the same drives and limited desires as the rest of us. They might have some power, but world events are still random and certainly not controlled.

This is a fallacy. The globalists are not like us. They are not human. Or, I should say, they despise humanity and seek to do away with it. And, because of this, they have entirely different aspirations compared to the majority of us which include aspirations of dominance.

What we are dealing with here are not normal people with conscience, ethics or empathy. Their behavior is much more akin to higher functioning psychopaths and sociopaths rather than the everyday person on the street. We saw this on full display during the covid lockdowns and the vicious attempts to enforce vaccine passports; their actions betray their long game.

Take a look at comments by New Zealand’s prime minister and WEF attendee, Jacinda Ardern, from a year ago. She admits to the deliberate tactic of creating a two-tier class system within her own country based on vaccination status. There is no remorse or guilt in her demeanor, she is proud of taking such authoritarian actions despite numerous studies that prove the mandates are ineffective.

Beyond the covid response, though, I suggest people who deny globalist conspiracy take a deeper dive into the philosophical roots of organizations like the WEF. Their entire ideology can be summed up in a couple words – Futurism and godhood.

Futurism is an ideological movement which believes that all “new” innovations, social or technological, should supplant the previous existing systems for the sake of progress. They believe that all old ways of thinking, including notions of principles, heritage, religious belief systems, codes of conduct, etc. are crutches holding humanity back from greatness.

But what is the greatness the futurists seek? As mentioned above, they want godhood. An era in which the natural world and human will is enslaved by the hands of a select few. Case in point – The following presentation from 2018 by WEF “guru” Yuval Harari on the future of humanity as the globalists see it:

Harari’s conclusions are rooted in elitist biases and ignore numerous psychological and social realities, but we can set those aside for a moment and examine his basic premise that humanity as we know it will no longer exist in the next century because of “digital evolution” and “human hacking.”

The foundation of the WEF vision is built on the idea that data is the new Holy Grail, the new conquest. This is something I have written about extensively in the past (check out my article ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Secular Look At The Digital Antichrist’) but it is good to see it expressed with such arrogance by someone like Harari because it is undeniable evidence – The globalists think they are going to build a completely centralized economy and society based on human data rather than production. In other words, YOU become the product. The average citizen, your thoughts and your behaviors, become the stock in trade.

Globalists also believe that data is most valuable because it can be exploited to control people’s behaviors, to hack the body and mind in order to create human puppets, or create super-beings. They dream of becoming little gods with omnipotent knowledge. Yuval even proudly proclaims that intelligent design will no longer be the realm of God in heaven, but of the new digitized man.

While Harari pays lip service to “democracy” vs “digital dictatorship”, he goes on to assert that centralization may become the defacto system of governance. He says this not because he fears dictatorship, but because that has always been the WEF’s intent. The globalist argues that governments cannot be trusted to hold a monopoly on the digital wellspring and that someone needs to step in to regulate data; but “who would do this?”, he asks.

He already knows the answer. The UN, a globalist edifice, has consistently said it should be the governing body that takes control of AI and data regulation through UNESCO. That is to say, Harari is playing coy, he knows that the people who will step in to control the data are people just like him.

At no point in Harari’s speech does he suggest that that any of these developments should be obstructed or stopped. At no point does he offer the idea that the digitization of humanity is wrong and that there are other better ways of living. He actually mocks the concept of “going back” to old ways; only the future and the Tabula Rasa (blank slate) hold promise for the globalists, everything else is an impediment to their designs.

But here’s the thing, what the globalists are trying to accomplish is a fantasy. People are not algorithms, despite how much Harari would like them to be. People have habits, yes, but they are also unpredictable and are prone to sudden awakenings and epiphanies in the moment of crisis.

Psychopaths tend to be robotic people, acting impulsively but also very predictably. They lack imagination, intuition and foresight, and so it’s not surprising that organizations of psychopaths like the WEF would place such an obsessive value on AI, algorithms and a cold technocratic evolution. They don’t view their data Shangri-La as humanity’s future; they see it as THEIR future – The future of the non-humans, or the anti-humans as it were.

Who will produce all the goods, services and necessities required in this brave new world? Well, all of us peons, of course. Sure, the globalists will offer grand promises of a robot driven production economy in which people no longer need to engage in menial labor, but this will be another lie. They’ll still need people to plant the crops, maintain infrastructure, take care of manufacturing, do their fighting for them, etc., they’ll just need less of us.

At bottom, an economy built on data is an economy dependent on illusion.

Data is vaporous and oftentimes meaningless because it is subject to the biases of the interpreter. Algorithms can also be programmed to the biases of the engineers. There is nothing inherently objective about data – it is all dependent on the intentions of the people analyzing it.

For example, to use Harari’s anecdote of an algorithm that “knows you are gay” before you do; any twisted group of people could simply write code for an algorithm that tells the majority of easily manipulated kids that they are gay, even when they are not. And, if you are gullible enough to believe the algorithm is infallible, then you could be led to believe that numerous falsehoods are true and be convinced to behave against your nature. You have allowed a biased digital phantom to dictate your identity, and have made yourself “hackable.”

In the meantime, the elitists entertain delusions of surpassing their mortal limitations by “hacking” the human body, as well as reading the minds of the masses and predicting the future based on data trends. This is an obsession which ignores the unpredictable wages of the human soul, that very element of conscience and of imagination which psychopaths lack. It’s something that cannot be hacked.

The legitimacy of the data based system and the hacking of humanity that the WEF aspires to is less important than what the masses can be convinced of. If the average person can be persuaded to implant their cell phone in their skull in the near future, then yes, humanity might become hackable in a rudimentary way.

The algorithms then supplant conscience, empathy and principles.  And, without these things all morality becomes relative by default.  Evil becomes good, and good becomes evil. 

By the same token, if humanity can be persuaded to set down their cell phones and live a less tech focused life, then the digital empire of the globalists comes crashing down quite easily. There is no system the elites can impose that would make their digital consciousness a reality without the consent of the public at large.

Without a vast global framework in which people willingly embrace the algorithms rather than their own experience and intuitions, the globalist religion of total centralization dies. The first step is to accept that the conspiracy does indeed exist. The second step is to accept that the conspiracy is malicious and destructive. The third step is to refuse to comply, by whatever means necessary.



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  • Gauntlet33 January 10, 2023 at 11:01 am

    Another great article. What’s interesting about the “you will own nothing, and have no privacy” way of life that the WEF if pushing is that it directly conflicts with citizen’s rights under the Constitution as it seeks to eliminate our right to own property and what our courts have routinely held to be fundamental “privacy” rights – which have included the right to travel and even our right to bodily autonomy. By also trying to eliminate our to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press — as they tried during the COVID peak, the globalists were in essence saying, we will economically grind you down so you have no property, and we’ll also erase your rights to complain about it. And if we’re even more successful, we’ll get rid of your right to possess a firearm, so you won’t be able to rebel against our tyranny. Pretty nice deal for them, huh?

  • Steve January 10, 2023 at 1:54 pm

    Wonderful exposition, Brandon. These people ooze evil! You sound more positive than Whitney Webb, who I heard yesterday. There is no point anymore trying to change the system through voting; the battle will be won at the local level where ordinary people build economic and moralistic alternatives to the dystopia offered by these maniacs.

  • Serge January 10, 2023 at 3:26 pm

    Great article, Brandon.
    After reading your post, I thought one of your articles published last September: “Anti-globalism is going mainstream – which means that an artificial disaster is about to strike”. Also, I think so.
    Indeed, the globalists are psychopath but not stupid; and also, they are predictable.
    They don’t have many options and time left to “boost” and impose their evil agenda on people. They know.
    Furthermore, they are fascinated and obsessed with the occult (e.g. cycles). On this topic, 3 thoughts come to mind:
    First, the annual special edition of The Economist magazine: “The World ahead 2022”, indicating 3 years: 2021(CV-19), 2022(Ukraine/Russia war) and 2023(???).
    Second, a French guy analyzed the cover and has been thought he found a hidden date: 01/15/2023 (on next Sunday).
    Last but not least, remember Christine Lagarde – now ECB president and former IMF head – mentionning number 7, during a public speech:
    Something big could happen that weekend.
    P.s: Are we witnessing the times of the Four horsemen of the Apocalypse? (Death, Famine, War, and Conquest).

    • mina fiore January 10, 2023 at 9:25 pm

      Any links to the economist magazine dates? And what is the significance of LeGarde’s speech about the number 7 to the magazine?

    • II Dunno January 11, 2023 at 10:07 pm

      OCCULT is Latin for hidden.

  • Roundball Shaman January 10, 2023 at 3:31 pm

    “… the media is admitting that yes, perhaps the globalists do have more than just a little influence over governments, social policies and economic outcomes. But, what the mainstream doesn’t like is the assertion that globalists have nefarious or authoritarian intentions.”
    ‘The Media’ – which is all in fact ‘State Media’ – is controlled by the same Globalists that such Media is ‘commenting’ on. That’s like a company’s own public relations department writing articles about the very corporation that pays and feeds them. Nothing to question about that incestuous relationship right? We’re always free to honestly critique and criticize our bosses any time we want, right?
    “The globalists… seem to have been shocked to discover many millions of people in opposition to the mandates and the refusals to comply were clearly far greater than they expected.”
    Globalists wield great power and influence. But most of them are dumb as rocks. They believe themselves to be the highest and best forms of humanity yet evolved… and they don’t realize that the common person in Fly-Over Country has twenty times the brains and common sense that these self-deified do.
    “The globalists are not like us. They are not human. Or, I should say, they despise humanity and seek to do away with it.”
    They have a hatred of humanity because they have hatred of (their) self. They project outward to we ‘The Other’ about that which They feel about Their own self inside. They try to project superiority and civility and power to the World… but inside They do not value Life so They seek to distort it and snuff it out. They do not know Love and do not know how to feel or display Love. You could not know Love and do the kind of things that They do. They are Anti-Life… the polar opposite of what true humanity was designed to embody and manifest. And all their money can’t buy Them love even if They had such a desire. They try to fill their emptiness and ‘feel something’ within by hurting others.
    “… what is the greatness the futurists seek? As mentioned above, they want godhood.”
    This is the oldest sin in the Book. Trying to ‘be’ a god. Trying to displace and replace the True God. These so-called Elitists are just repeating the same broken steps as many in the past already have. For being so bright and evolved as They think They are… They cannot even come up with a new con to foist on the World.
    “Without a vast global framework in which people willingly embrace the algorithms rather than their own experience and intuitions, the globalist religion of total centralization dies.”
    A big problem today is that so many people have already embraced the false Techo-Global-Religion of today. They like being tagged and managed and controlled. They like the Globalist Daddies and Mommies taking care of them… to tell them what to do and what to think and what do believe and who to hate and what human parts of themselves to turn off and which dark human impulses to turn on. They like the new False Religion because They have to been told to like it and to not use Their own God-given brains and freedom. They are cowards.
    They do not need a chip in their hand or forehead. They have already been chipped in their souls and spirits. They have surrendered their humanity to the enemies OF humanity. And our God allows Them that freedom to do so… and then bear the consequences of such a horrendous decision.
    Let Them run into the arms of Their Loving Techo-Globalist-Daddies-and-Mommies for comfort and support. And good luck with that…

  • Steven Quinn January 10, 2023 at 4:46 pm

    The way the psychopaths were surprised by resistance to their Covid plans – this shows how stupid they are. Psychopaths don’t understand feelings of love and the motivations or ordinary people. They don’t know what these feelings are, and surely don’t understand anyone’s desire for liberty and not being a slave. They’re going to find massive resistance, far more than anything they’re anticipating, to everything they plan to do. And they’ll be baffled by all of it.

    • Julia Peddie January 11, 2023 at 8:18 pm

      We love each other too much and forgive easily with compassion…. We are many and our collective consciousness and heart energy is too big for them. Keep loving, giving, sharing, laughing, singing, connecting, forgiving … When we all switch on, they are dust!

      • Avatar photo
        Brandon Smith January 11, 2023 at 8:23 pm

        In the case of psychopaths, the only answer is elimination. They will NEVER stop hurting people until someone puts them down.

        • Atom man January 12, 2023 at 11:38 pm

          These people are treading on dangerous ground, sort of like a “Tower of Babel” situation, in thinking they will be gods on Earth. Even if you are not a religious fundamentalist and I am not, you have to realize that many ancient cultures had a fear of the gods – “no man could be too strong or woman too beautiful without bringing on them the wrath of the gods”. We are at a level where there are only creatures ourselves included. As that saying has it, “on the highest throne in the world, man sits on his a**”. “Pride goeth before a fall”, or ego goes before “karma” (action) from the Universe/Mind arrives. We will see.

      • Ron+R January 14, 2023 at 1:44 pm

        Oh yeah, all the “collective consciousness and heart energy” is already overwhelming them. They can feel all that positive energy holding them back, or else we’d all be slapped back to the stone age by now.

        I’m sure at Davos this week, they’ll all talk about how they were going to do all these evil things, “But you know what, guys, we can’t now, because there’s all this strange positive vibe energy pushing back on us. Whatever shall we do?!?!”


        This positive affirmation crap is like socialism: “We just haven’t done it right yet. If only we get A LOT of people on board, and do it right, it’ll work!”
        You just keep on “loving, giving, sharing, laughing, singing, connecting, forgiving” like you’re in some Sound of Music musical, and leave all the real work to others.

  • Rodster January 10, 2023 at 9:43 pm

    Wow, fantastic article Brandon, kudos!

    This is something that Catherine Austin Fitts has been warning about, “Trans humanism”. It is something that Ray Kurzweil has been envision for years i.e. “Man+Machine”. He believes that immortality can be achieved thru Trans Humanism. This is also something the Globalists believe in as well.

    Brandon talked about about we should abandon our smartphones and not to be to a part of their system. Well the good news is that “Dumb Phones” are all the rage now as more and more are realizing the entrapment smartphones have placed on their lives. I to this day am still astonished at all the braindead people walking around staring at their phones.

    • Doug Stillborn January 10, 2023 at 11:32 pm

      My dad used to tell me back in the Clinton era that the elites were aiming for a new world order. One government, one religion. That was 30 years ago. Ted Kazinski warned us of the impact technology will have. The level of technology is sophisticated and evolved to a point that you could control large masses of people; edit genes to influence behavior, stealthily increase the mortality rate and so forth. The sky is the limit. Hence the moment technology reached this level, they aggressively pursued the goal of controlling the entire planet. Tom Luongo said that people who.know Schwab say he’s an aggressive control freak. Color revolutions, the Russian front after toppling their president and installing Zelensky. Same in Pakistan. Then shortly after Gates visits Pakistan and more recently they are sending ammunition to Ukraine. Anyone that does not comply gets trampled over. Until, ofcourse, they hit a wall. The Russian front and that’s when things fall apart. This all started when banks hijacked our sovereignty. Gradually, systematically, over centuries and generations their stolen wealth was passed on from one generation to another and their power grew exponentially and here we are. Used and abused frivolously amused chewed up and spit out. Their hubris has no bounds.

      • Avatar photo
        Brandon Smith January 10, 2023 at 11:42 pm

        I think the globalists GREATLY overestimate the power of digital analysis and AI – They are hobbled by their own arrogance and delude themselves into thinking algorithms are god.

        • Smith January 13, 2023 at 12:50 pm

          Those electric self driving cars are full of bugs. If they waited another 10 or 20 years. But Mr. Global is sure his robots and data algorithms are already perfect and humanity needs downsizing–immediately.

      • HockeyGuy January 18, 2023 at 4:09 pm

        Reading Kaczynski’s manifesto is really eye-opening, especially considering he wrote it long before technology had evolved far enough to support the pervasive surveillance and control state we now have today. I highly recommend that everyone download a copy and spend some time reading through it.

      • Davy Crockett January 20, 2023 at 12:25 pm

        Your “Russian Front” is false hope. Just like Trump was. Take a look at Brandon’s articles about The False East-West Paradigm.
        Before you think your dear leader Putin (or at least the guy playing the part) will be the one standing for your freedoms, take a quick look at the amazing freedoms he grants his subjects. The “Russian front” is advised by Kissenger, has a central bank, properly jabbed its citizens and will implement a CBDC just like all the rest.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith January 10, 2023 at 11:45 pm

      I never carry a cell phone. It hasn’t affected my life at all. In fact, I can’t understand why people stare at a tiny screen all day long.

      • Rodster January 11, 2023 at 6:09 am

        Me neither but that is the reality today. I watched a kid who worked at Walmart stare at his iPhone while he walked from one end of the store to the other. I just shook my head that people are SO enslaved by these things. What’s even worse is watching grown adults and seniors my age doing the same.

        I have to use one out of necessity. I run my small business from my smartphone. I however use it for the basics, make and receive phone calls, text to customers or friends, use mapping software to find a customers address and web browsing in case I need to order parts.

        I have never done social media and my phone typically is idle on a table 90% of the time.

      • Lee January 18, 2023 at 11:23 pm

        You reminded me of me. Congratulations…we don’t need these surveillance devices.

  • Dennis January 11, 2023 at 4:00 am

    Thank you 4 this great article Brandon, what a way to start the new year, Brandon you’re the best!
    “Without a vast global framework in which people willingly embrace the algorithms rather than their own experience and intuitions, the globalist religion of total centralization dies. The first step is to accept that the conspiracy does indeed exist. The second step is to accept that the conspiracy is malicious and destructive. The third step is to refuse to comply, by whatever means necessary.”

  • Rodster January 11, 2023 at 6:22 am

    Brandon, I think this is what you also had in mind. It is too bad and a shame that people don’t realize the entrapment society is headed for in a digital world. Society as a whole is being herded like cattle into a digital future. What’s worse is that you have a brain dead segment of society who are willingly going along with it. TPTB will know all their movements and eventually have complete control over their lives. I can picture this. You don’t want to take the Covid vaccine or boosters? Tough shit, we just locked you out of your money. We’ll give you access to your bank account when you comply with our death injections.

    “California Governor Teases Support for Digital IDs: ‘We’re Going to Do It Like No Other State”

  • i dunnp January 11, 2023 at 10:24 pm

    Should satan be forgiven?

  • alex January 12, 2023 at 6:58 pm

    We dont need Yuval alive, and we dont need Schwab alive or Gates or Soros.
    I would be very happy seeing them hanged

  • Chris January 13, 2023 at 4:40 am
  • Gauntlet33 January 13, 2023 at 10:03 am

    By the way, anyone know what happened to the Ice Age Farmer? He used to post on an almost daily basis and it’s now been over 2 months since he last posted on his Telegram site.

  • Bo January 14, 2023 at 5:41 pm

    Brandon, a smart man does not carry a cell phone….. consider the Idaho murderer whom was caught by their net….. 5G and beyond will track all of us!
    Great article as always…..
    I trust all your readers having intellect are preparing for the eventualities !!

  • Mark Young January 16, 2023 at 12:46 am

    Interesting idea, linking Davos types to psychopaths. Makes sense. I’ve thought before that our Dear Leader Ardern, here in New Zealand, is a psychopath.
    Hope you’re right in that regular people will baulk at being hacked……

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