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Why Don’t People “Trust The Science?” Because Scientists Are Often Caught Lying

December 16, 2021

By Brandon Smith

There has been an unfortunate shift in Western educational practices in the past few decades away from what we used to call “critical thinking.” In fact, critical thinking was once a fundamental staple of US colleges and now it seems as though the concept doesn’t exist anymore; at least not in the way it used to. Instead, another brand of learning has arisen which promotes “right thinking”; a form of indoctrination which encourages and rewards a particular response from students that falls in line with ideology and not necessarily in line with reality.

It’s not that schools directly enforce a collectivist or corporatist ideology (sometimes they do), it’s more that they filter out alternative viewpoints as well as facts and evidence they do not like until all that is left is a single path and a single conclusion to any given problem. They teach students how to NOT think by presenting thought experiments and then controlling the acceptable outcomes.

For example, a common and manipulative thought experiment used in schools is to ask students to write an “analysis” on why people do not trust science or scientists these days. The trick is that the question is always presented with a built-in conclusion – That scientists should be trusted, and some people are refusing to listen, so let’s figure out why these people are so stupid.

I have seen this experiment numerous times, always presented in the same way. Not once have I ever seen a college professor or public school teacher ask students: “Should scientists today be trusted?”

Not once.

This is NOT analysis, this is controlled hypothesis. If you already have a conclusion in mind before you enter into a thought experiment, then you will naturally try to adjust the outcome of the experiment to fit your preconceived notions. Schools today present this foolishness as a form of thinking game when it is actually propaganda. Students are being taught to think inside the box, not outside the box. This is not science, it is anti-science.

Educational programming like this is now a mainstay while actual science has taken a backseat. Millions of kids are exiting public schools and universities with no understanding of actual scientific method or science in general. Ask them what the equations for Density or Acceleration are, and they’ll have no clue what you are talking about. Ask them about issues surrounding vaccination or “climate change”, and they will regurgitate a litany of pre-programmed responses as to why the science cannot be questioned in any way.

In the alternative media we often refer to this as being “trapped in the Matrix,” and it’s hard to think of a better analogy. People have been rewarded for so long for accepting the mainstream narrative and blindly dismissing any other information that when they are presented with reality they either laugh at it arrogantly or recoil in horror. The Matrix is so much more comfortable and safe, and look at all the good grades you get when you say the right things and avoid the hard questions and agree with the teacher.

Given the sad state of science in the West these days surrounding the response to covid as well as the insane and unscientific push for forced vaccinations, I thought it would be interesting to try out this thought exercise, but from an angle that is never allowed in today’s schools:

Why don’t people trust the science and scientists anymore?

This is simple: Because many scientists have been caught lying and misrepresenting their data to fit the conclusions they want rather than the facts at hand. Science is often politicized to serve an agenda. This is not conspiracy theory, this is provable fact.

That’s not to say that all science is to be mistrusted. The point is, no science should be blindly accepted without independent examination of ALL the available facts. This is the whole point of science, after all. Yes, there are idiotic conspiracy theories out there when it comes to scientific analysis, but there are a number of scams in the world of science as well.

The usual false claim is that the average person is ignorant and that they don’t have the capacity to understand scientific data. I do find it interesting that this is the general message of the trust-science thought experiment. It fits right in line with the mainstream and government narrative that THEIR scientists, the scientists they pay for and that corporations pay for, are implicitly correct and should not be questioned. They are the high priests of the modern era, delving into great magics that we dirty peasants cannot possibly grasp. It is not for us to question “the science”, it our job to simply embrace it like a religion and bow down in reverence.

Most people have the capacity to sift through scientific data as long as it’s transparent. When the facts are obscured or spun or omitted this causes confusion, and of course only the establishment scientists can untangle the mess because they are the ones that created it. Let’s look at a couple of examples directly related to human health…

GMO Crops And The Corporate Money Train

The propaganda surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms is relentless and pervasive, with the overall thrust being that they are perfectly safe and that anyone who says otherwise is a tinfoil hat crackpot. And certainly, there a hundreds if not thousands of studies which readily confirm this conclusion. So, case closed, right?

Not quite. Here is where critical thinking is so useful and where reality escapes the indoctrinated – Who paid for these studies, and do they have a vested interest in censoring negative data on GMOs?

Well, in the vast majority of cases GMO studies are funded by two sources – GMO industry giants like Monsanto, Dupont and Syngenta, or, government agencies like the FDA and EPA. Very few studies are truly independent, and this is the problem. Both the government and corporations like Monsanto have a vested interest in preventing any critical studies from being released on GMO’s.

Monsanto has been caught on numerous occasions hiding the dangerous health effects of its products, from Agent Orange to the RGBH growth hormone used in dairy cows. They have been caught compiling illegal dossiers on their critics. The industry has been caught multiple times paying off academics and scientists to produce studies on GMOs with a positive spin and even to attack other scientists that are involved in experiments that are critical of GMOs. Research shows that at least half of all GMO studies are funded by the GMO industry, while the majority of the other half are funded by governments.

There has also long been a revolving door between GMO industry insiders and the FDA and EPA; officials often work for Monsanto and then get jobs with the government, then go back to Monsanto again. The back scratching is so egregious that the government even created special legal protections for GMO companies like Monsanto under what is now known as the Monsanto Protection Act (Section 735 of Agricultural Appropriations Bill HR 993) under the Obama Administration in 2013. This essentially makes GMO companies immune to litigation over GMOs, and the same protections have been renewed in different bills ever since.

Beyond the revolving door, the government has approved many GMO products with little to no critical data to confirm their safety. Not only that, but in most cases the government has sovereign immunity from litigation, even if they’ve been negligent. Meaning, if any of these products is proven to cause long term health damage the government cannot be sued for approving them unless there are special circumstances.

If they could be held liable, you would be damn sure the FDA would be running every conceivable test imaginable to confirm GMOs are definitively safe without any bias attached, but this is not the case. Instead, the government actively propagandizes for GMO companies and uses hired hatchet men to derail any public criticism.

I, for one, would love to know for sure if GMOs are harmful to the human body in the long term, and there is certainly science to suggest that this might be the case. There have been many situations in which specific GMO foods were removed from the market in foreign countries because of potentially harmful side effects. Endogenous toxins of plants with modified metabolites are a concern, along with “plant incorporated protectants” (plants designed to produce toxins which act as pesticides).

There is data that tells us to be wary, but nothing conclusive. Why? Because billions of dollars are being invested by corporations into research designed to “debunk” any notion of side effects. If the same amount of funding was put into independent studies with no bias, then we might hear a different story about the risks of GMOs. All the money is in dismissing the risks of GMOs; there’s almost no money in studying them honestly.

The science appears to be rigged to a particular outcome or narrative, and that is lying. Science is supposed to remain as objective as possible, but how can it be objective when it is being paid for by people with an agenda? The temptation to sell out is extreme.

Covid Vaccines And The Death Of Science

I bring up the example of GMO’s because I think it is representative of how science can be controlled to produce only one message while excluding all other analysis. We don’t really know for sure how dangerous GMOs are because the majority of data is dictated by the people that profit from them and by their friends in government. The lack of knowing is upheld as proof of safety – But this is not scientific. Science and medicine would demand that we err on the side of caution until we know for sure.

The same dynamic exists in the world of covid vaccines. Big Pharma has a vested interest in ensuring NO negative information is released about the mRNA vaccines because there is a perpetual river of money to be made as long as the vax remains approved for emergency use by the FDA. It may be important to note that the FDA has said it will take at least 55 YEARS to release all the data it has on the Pfizer covid vaccines, which suggests again that there is a beneficial collusion between the government and corporate behemoths.

In the meantime, anyone that questions the efficacy or safety of the vax is immediately set upon by attack dogs in the media, most of them paid with advertising dollars from Big Pharma. These attacks are not limited to the alternative media; the establishment has also gone after any scientist or doctor with questions about vaccine safety.

There are clear and openly admitted ideological agendas surrounding covid science which have nothing to do with public health safety and everything to do with political control. When you have the head of the World Economic Forum applauding the covid pandemic as a perfect “opportunity” to push forward global socialist centralization and erase the last vestiges of free markets and individual liberty, any rational person would have to question if the covid science is also being rigged to support special interests.

Luckily, the covid issue is so massive that it is impossible for them to control every study. Instead, the establishment ignores the studies and data they don’t like.

The virus is being hyped as a threat to the majority of the public and as a rationale for 100% vaccination rates, by force if needed. Yet, the median Infection Fatality Rate of covid is only 0.27%. This means that on average 99.7% of the population at any given time has nothing to fear from the virus. This is confirmed by dozens of independent medical studies, but when was the last time you heard that number discussed by mainstream government scientists like Anthony Fauci?

I’ve never heard them talk about it. But how is it scientific to ignore data just because it doesn’t fit your political aims? Again, deliberate omission of data is a form of lying.

What about the multiple studies indicating that natural immunity is far superior in protection to the mRNA vaccines? What about the fact that the countries with the highest vaccination rates also have the highest rates of infections and their hospitalizations have actually increased? What about the fact that the states and countries with the harshest lockdown and mask mandates also have the highest infection rates? What about the fact that the average vaccine is tested for 10-15 years before being approved for human use, while the covid mRNA vaccines were put into production within months? That is to say, there is NO long term data to prove the safety of the covid vax.

These are easily observable scientific facts, but we never hear about them from corporate scientists or government scientists like Fauci. Instead, Fauci argues that criticism of his policies is an attack on him, and attacking him is the same as “attacking science.” In other words, Fauci believes HE IS the science.

And doesn’t that just illustrate how far science has fallen in the new millennium. Real scientists like Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, call Fauci a fraud, but they are ignored while Fauci is worshiped. I can’t even get into climate change “science” here, I would have to write an entire separate article about the fallacies perpetrated by global warming academics (did you know that global temperatures have only increased by 1 degree Celsius in the past century? Yep, just 1 degree according to the NOAA’s own data, yet, institutions like the NOAA continue to claim the end of the world is nigh because of global warming).

The stringent bottleneck on science today reminds me of the Catholic church under Pope Innocent III when church authorities forbade common people from owning or reading a bible in their own language. These laws remained in effect well into the 13th and 14th centuries. Instead, the peasants were to go to church and have the texts read to them by specific clergy. Often the bible readings were done in Latin (bibles were only allowed to be written in Latin) which most people did not speak, and interpreted however the church wished.

It was only the invention of the printing press in the 1400s that changed the power dynamic and allowed bibles to be widely distributed and information to spread without church oversight. Much like the creation of the internet allows the public to access mountains of scientific data and methodologies at their fingertips. The free flow of information is an anathema according to the establishment; they argue that only they have the right to process information for public consumption.

Cultism requires excessive control of data and the complete restriction of outside interpretations. As information becomes openly available the public is then able to learn the whole truth, not just approved establishment narratives.

Science is quickly becoming a political religion rather than a bastion of critical thought. Conflicting data is ignored as “non-science” or even censored as “dangerous.” Government and corporate paid studies are treated as sacrosanct. Is it any wonder that so many people now distrust the science? Any reasonable person would have questions and suspicions. Those who do not have been indoctrinated into a cult they don’t even know they are a part of.



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  • David Homer December 16, 2021 at 12:05 pm

    Good article Brandon. I would add one more small point. Just as Covid lies are being used to control the populace, the main reason for GMO foods to be pushed to the forefront of people’s diets is control of the populace through control of the food supply. When only patented GMO seeds are available we won’t be able to grow our own food anymore without paying the corporations. Even climate change is just another method of control. Fauci is saying more than just “trust the science”, he is also saying, let me control your life.

  • TheTruthBurns December 16, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Science at one time Might have been Fact based – but Unfortunately – “Science” is now a combination of being a “Religion”, Government Funded & a Controlled Propaganda & Population Control coupled with PharmaCorp Profits – thus the Death Care Industry. NEVER EVER TRUST BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG PHARMA, BIG ENVIRONMENTALISM, BIG CLIMATE WARMING/CHANGE/COOLING OR BIG RACISM – IT’S ALL BS. TRUST GOD.

    • Pat B December 16, 2021 at 2:16 pm

      Amen,friend, He is the only Truth. There is no other. He has provided a whole host of herbs, spices, plants and seeds for our good health and the leaves of the trees for the healing of the nations…..Genesis 1:29/Jeremiah 51:9/Revelation 22:2. Healing for what? Nations are the people!

      Yet, mankind always turns to toxic drugs – whether legal or illegal – they are all bad. They ALL cause terrible side-effects. Anyone ever look at that little piece of 3″ x 3″ document to be given with any medicine that opens up to 2′ x 3′ or thereabouts and actually read the contraindications, the warnings? All in fine print. Causing so many more serious health effects, even death.

      America Babylon have been so easily and lazily lulled to sleep by trusting in “nanny” govt and never really taking their own bodies, their minds and hearts, as His marvelous and wondrous creation. We want to be spoon-fed everything.

      Which goes back to the public schooling or AKA…indoctrination (“They teach students how to NOT think by presenting thought experiments and then controlling the acceptable outcomes.” Shades of “MK-Ultra” perhaps) that has been going on for much more than a few generations.

  • Serge December 16, 2021 at 12:37 pm

    Remember that Pfizer was fined $ 2.3 billion by the DOJ for data tampering, marketing fraud and other crimes. Biggest penalty in Big Pharma history, in 2009. Without forgetting that this multinational has had other convictions.
    We are facing an unprecedented crime against humanity and genocide on a global scale.

    • Retired442 December 20, 2021 at 6:57 pm

      I read & commented on an other article about the fines from the various regulatory agencies placed on the industries they supposedly regulated!
      These companies were very frequent law breakers who were constantly being fined
      the fines were always a pittance when compared to the profits they yielded.
      It seemed to me that the fine was considered by the guilty party to be the overhead for doing business.
      And so I made a suggestion on my comment,
      “Why don’t the regulator just get the individual criminally responsible in the offending company indicted for illegal activities?
      Zap,my comment disappeared,…I had just been censored for what I proposed by the site managers

  • Linda December 16, 2021 at 12:56 pm

    Science Journals for over a decade have needed to remove papers due to Fraud, at a rate of over 30%. Trust science ,before Covid as you mentioned they could not be trusted, Continue on your journey it is a long one. On my own March Against Monsanto, MAM, I talked to folks in the grocery store while checking the ingredient list . Wherever you get an audience Talk. Thank You for continuing the fight for factual data instead of propaganda.

  • Blinded Me With Science December 16, 2021 at 1:06 pm

    Let’s not forget where the concept, infrastructure and funding for the internet came from while we use it as a vast source of information that is quite literally at our fingertips.

    I was around when there was no internet. It was darpanet, which connected various military institutions, think tanks and universities to enhance research the Pentagon was interested in back in the 1970s-1980s.
    One of the items of interest on the Pentagon’s ‘list’ was the concept of an ‘internet’ itself. An internet, that is, under their control grid.
    While I truly believe the internet has been responsible for more good than harm when it comes to promotion of liberty world-wide, we must never lose sight of the authoritarian desire for control over all aspects of civil life.
    Critical information is being ‘disappeared’ across the internet all the time. This is the reason why sites like The Wayback Machine and Bibliotheca Alexandrina exist; to keep ‘The Internet’ honest. Or, at least, to keep our understanding of it honest.

    • Chevrus December 17, 2021 at 12:20 pm

      And as such, the Alphabets keep a keen eye on what the masses are doing. When they see movement in the crowd they send in influenceers and well funded companies and hijack it. Take FaceBook for instance. Originally DARPA spun up LifeLog and when it reached its “conclusion” FB sprung into existence. The idea being that if you out-fund and out-promote everyone else, a choke point effect can be created. So when people begin to share crucial information and network on say Twitter, snip-snap out come the censors and deplatformers. Same as it ever was I suppose. Remeber when Gab was THE most commonly downloaded app. in the nation for a spell? Silicon Valley & Friends did their very best to kill it. That says it all.

  • Melanie December 16, 2021 at 1:40 pm

    Mother and grandmother from the uk…. Will never comply.
    Pure blood runs in my veins.

  • Dennis December 16, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    Brandon, you have no idea how much your articles are a gift to humanity, nothing but respect and kudo’s 4U.
    “Science never solves a problem without creating ten more.” -George Bernard Shaw-

  • Rich Withers December 16, 2021 at 5:50 pm

    Excellent essay describing the end of critical thinking and indoctrination into the Matrix. Well thought out and well stated. Thanks for being a truth teller.

    • Atom man December 18, 2021 at 8:34 am

      Yes, this was a great essay. A woman whose name I don’t recall recently said “science is a process, not an institution”. Anyone trained in the sciences is supposed to know this – whole theories have been swept away when something better comes along.

  • Claude Ramains December 16, 2021 at 6:27 pm

    I can tell you that here in Australia that the science is not trusted because no “science”
    Or “ best medical advice” has been provided to the public.
    In Victoria the govt was asked by a senator under Freedom of information laws to provide the evidence/science that underscored all the lockdowns, curfews, restrictions, the vax mandates etc but the govt refused. The industry watchdog demanded that the Vic gov and Dictator Dan reveal the evidence/science and they refused to do so again. ATAGI (a federal therapeutic body) was asked why it recommended vax mandates and they denied ever recommending them.
    But that didn’t stop them from anyone from mandating the vax for almost the entire population even though the laws which all the directives rely on demand that the evidence/science be provided as a prerequisite for any directive to be legal.
    Also our constitution in section 51 prohibits parliament from any mandating/conscription of the public into any medical, pharmaceutical, hospital or dental treatment Even our Prime Minister Scott Morrison “ the chistian” admitted to that in public.
    Then he deceptively went right ahead and betrayed every Australian by going behind their backs and getting the states and the corporations to do it for him.
    So that’s why Ozzie’s “ don’t trust the science”. No one has been shown any and we highly suspect that
    a. Their is none.
    B. It refuted the govts actions.
    The only reason most people that took the vax did is because the pieces of crap running the show locked everyone down or denied them work and a livelihood until they did.
    It wasn’t done willingly.
    It was blackmail.
    Now almost everyone I know who has taken the vax is sick.
    That’s all the science I need to know.
    The Victorian Premier was just required to show up to a regional court under misprision and treason charges today in the morning.
    Unfortunately it was reported yesterday that he had to isolate because he was considered a close contact of someone who “tested positive for Covid”.
    We are overjoyed that miraculously his test came back negative just in time for him to miss his court date but just in time to go on holidays.
    And that’s also why no one trusts “the science”.

    • Chevrus December 17, 2021 at 12:22 pm

      I gotta say I am horrified at what your country is apparently having to endure. Deepest sympathies, Sorry there is not much that the USA can do to help.

  • helot December 16, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    To further help people understand what you’re saying, your article caused me to think of this, which entirely helped to change my perceptions:

    …”Here is a stunning quote from a doctor who has quite probably read and analyzed as many medical-drug studies as any other doctor in the world:

    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)” …

    • Chevrus December 17, 2021 at 12:23 pm

      Thats a good one. There is a similar quote from the chief editor of the Lancet from a while back….I’ll see if i can find it.

    • Dennis December 17, 2021 at 12:42 pm

      “Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.” -Voltaire-

  • Pat B December 16, 2021 at 8:28 pm

    “I, for one, would certainly like to know for sure if GMOs are harmful to the human body in the long term, and there is certainly science to suggest that this might be the case.”

    There are many publications and videos available for clear and concise reporting of the destructive GMO foods, seeds, plants and the destruction to the soils that use Monsanto chemicals in growing GMO foods.. Perhaps this is a wake up call to change the way we look at our own health and away from man’s medicines and into what God has created for good health. After all, He is the Manufacturer, the Creator. Would we dare to put Buick parts in a broken Ford car?

    May I suggest the book “Seeds of Destruction, The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Masnipulation” written by F. William Engdahl.

    Also any videos, books and information by Dr. Vandana Shiva, a long time vocal opponent of Monsanto –

    And many other of her books and presentations.

    Watch the DVD “One Man, One Cow, One Planet” to see the rebuilding of the soils of India and the damage they have been trying to repair – excellent –

    One thing about this covid stuff, it has opened very many peoples eyes to such aberrant medical and political evil from the very top of all political wickedness/medical deceit to the lowest common denominator that has invaded every nation. Many will understand but some will still prefer to stay dumbed-down.

    For those with finally awakened eyes….well, you aint’ seen nuthin’ yet. There is more coming along.
    It would seem to me that all that is going on today with the public becoming lab rats for the medical/political venue, none of this is new. GMO’s have been around for years, and as you say also, Agent Orange which has, tragically, very seriously affected nearly every Viet Nam Veteran. Including the Vietnamese people themselves. We are shameless in our evil, demonic doings for a very, very long time.

    Perhaps covid is helping people to wake up from their long held stupor.. Maybe!

  • Ed December 16, 2021 at 10:12 pm

    Like the church of old the government controls ALL science.

  • Pat B December 17, 2021 at 12:47 am

    GMO seeds grow distorted foods and Monsanto products (now Bayer) destroy the soil in the process.
    Good soil is a living organism with lots of insects and earthworms to keep the dark, healthy soil fertile and well tilled.

    When toxic chemicals and bad seed are added to the soil it not only causes the good bacteria and soil insects like earthworms to die off but also the soil turns dead, hard to dirt clods over time. Dead soil = dead foods. Good, healthy soil is teaming with healthy insect and bacteria life.

    There have been many reputable scientists that have reported the flawed data and toxic chemicals used in GMO products by Monsanto, and whose honorable reputations have been destroyed by this very immorally depraved company.

    Why do the American people, when they find out such depravity by an American company still buy Round-up or any other Monsanto product? Why do the local big box stores carry this stuff? It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$. If the people didn’t buy it the stores would not carry this toxic chemical! Right???

    This March 2017 report “The Effects of Monsanto on Indian Farmer Suicide Rates” by Rachel Sandri shows the suicide rate of the men in India when they cannot produce even enough food for their families let alone their cities from the destruction of Monsanto. This is also backed by the writings and talks of Dr. Vandana Shiva

    Today, its getting harder and harder to find seeds – vegetable seeds, in particular. They seem to sell out very fast here where I live. Many people are preparing for their next Spring gardens and perusing the seed catalogs and buying seeds now. Next Spring food will be much harder to come by.
    Two excellent 2022 seed catalog –

    Always buy Heirloom or Open-pollinated seeds. The Amish people grow their vegetables as much for the seed saving for the next years planting, as well as for their food. These seeds will always grow true to their nature. By saving these seeds they are passed down from generation to generation to continue the process of growing our own foods and saving the seeds for the food. Whereas Hybrid (GMO) seeds will never regrow true to their nature, if they grow at all.

    We know there is a huge famine coming, much already here. Monsanto and the evil-doers – we all know who they are – are simply helping all that along. And so do we when we buy toxic chemicals from corrupt companies to grow things that we ought not to even eat!

    It’s such a delight to just go out to your garden and pick your lunch or dinner! To know what you’ve put into your good soil to grow good healthy food.

    • Chevrus December 17, 2021 at 12:27 pm

      Sadly there seem to be evil forces at work with the goal of depiriving humanity of the ability to produce its own livelihood. It’s truly astounding, what sort of creatures seek to enslave our entire species by making dependent on the Feed rather than the Seed. I sometimes wonder if they are human at all.
      As for seeds, keep buying the heirlooms and harvest seeds! We do that, and they appear to get stronger by the generation.

  • dipdooo December 17, 2021 at 4:32 am

    @Brandon, check out the Harry Potter 5 (Order of the Phoenix) movie. It is eerily predictive of what we are going through as a society right now.

  • supnk December 17, 2021 at 6:07 am

    They lied about climate change

    • Chevrus December 17, 2021 at 12:31 pm

      I recall in the late 90’s when the environmental movement was really gaining traction. One could almost hear the gears grinding as they were astroturfed and changed direction. It was not all about warming back them. Sure there were shills and agents as there always are, but there was a more broad focus which encompassed a broad range of concerns.
      Nowadays I find myself asking the question (usually to myself): What is it that you climate activists would like? A cooler one? A warmer one? A climate that does not change for 1000 years? Do you really believe that human contribution to the CO2 cycle is the primary driver of changes in the climate? But as usual the field is dominated by emotionaly driven reactionary behavior and so I just dont bother……

  • Spartan December 17, 2021 at 7:00 am

    You know, I always make a point of reading ALL the comments to Brandon’s articles. The sharing of views and information is critical in times of suppression and I have gained much through your input. Thanks to Mr. Smith but ALSO thanks to those who comment with their thoughts as well. Keep it up folks.

  • The Old Sarge December 17, 2021 at 8:58 am

    Science + politics = politics.

    • 253045 December 18, 2021 at 12:23 pm

      Reason + mysticism = mysticism.

  • Greg B December 17, 2021 at 11:48 am

    As an online friend of mine once said, these so-called science geeks and “trust the science” types don’t actually love science. They just like the shiny toys and neat gadgets science helped create.

    • Chevrus December 17, 2021 at 12:33 pm

      Yes and in our era, science is very much centered upon tools that measure things. It has been this way since there were yardsticks. Like any other tool, they can be used in a variety of ways.

  • JonJon December 17, 2021 at 12:40 pm

    I’ve been saying for a very long time now that the major problem with the education system is that they are teaching students ‘what to think not how to think’

    This has been a major problem for a very long time.
    I saw what was happening in the school system back in the 90’s how the brainwashing was already being implemented because already at that time critical thinking was starting to be discouraged.

  • Lawrence December 17, 2021 at 8:32 pm


    What follows does not invalidate your premise about fraud in science. FWIW, I agree with a lot of what you said.

    I strongly disagree with the following statements directly below. Instead of just believing what others say about The Catholic Church, why not take the time to research and learn the other side.

    “The stringent bottleneck on science today reminds me of the Catholic church under Pope Innocent III when church authorities forbade common people from owning or reading a bible. These laws remained in effect well into the 13th century. Instead, the peasants were to go to church and have the texts read to them by specific clergy. Often the bible readings were done in Latin which most people did not speak, and interpreted however the church wished.”

    “It was only the invention of the printing press in the 1400s that changed the power dynamic and allowed bibles to be widely distributed and information to spread without church oversight.”

    According to:

    “In 1199, Pope Innocent III banned *unauthorized versions* of the Bible as a reaction to the Cathar/Waldensian heresies.”

    There is more fleshing out of what happened at the time here:

    From A Jew Who Became A Catholic 🙂

    God Bless!

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith December 17, 2021 at 8:37 pm

      Sorry, but the fact is that Pope Innocent banned ALL bibles in common hands that were translated from Latin to another language, but claimed that this was due to “unauthorized versions” floating around. Again, most people did not speak latin. The Catholic Church has endless propaganda on this time period out there on the web, so don’t buy into it. The Catholic Church has a long history of ugly deeds, just look at the globalist Pope they have now. This is not meant to disparage Catholics in general, but it’s important to point out the crimes of the institution itself.

      From The Council of Tarragona, 1234:

      Second Canon: “No one may possess the books of the Old and New Testaments in the Romance language, and if anyone possesses them he must turn them over to the local bishop within eight days after promulgation of this decree, so that they may be burned lest, be he a cleric or a layman, he be suspected until he is cleared of all suspicion.”

      -D. Lortsch, Historie de la Bible en France, 1910, p.14.

      Innocent III stated in 1199:

      “… to be reproved are those who translate into French the Gospels, the letters of Paul, the psalter, etc. They are moved by a certain love of Scripture in order to explain them clandestinely and to preach them to one another. The mysteries of the faith are not to explained rashly to anyone. Usually in fact, they cannot be understood by everyone but only by those who are qualified to understand them with informed intelligence. The depth of the divine Scriptures is such that not only the illiterate and uninitiated have difficulty understanding them, but also the educated and the gifted.”
      (Denzinger-Schönmetzer, Enchiridion Symbolorum 770-771)

    • Roman December 18, 2021 at 3:30 am

      You could of remained a Jew who became a believer in Christ, and thus been a follower of the way, a messianic Jew who believes the prophecies.
      Instead you went into a heretical religion of which Polycarp (apostle Johns disciple) fought against.

      • 253045 December 18, 2021 at 12:40 pm

        . . .could have. . .

  • Lawrence December 17, 2021 at 11:10 pm

    Well, yes, most people at that time were functionally illiterate so they could not read and write in their own language even. Latin is not the issue. The issue is the translation of Holy Scripture in a manner that deprives it of its sacred meaning. I don’t think there was any conspiracy to keep biblical truth from the masses. That would be quite uncharitable for any pope who is entrusted with guiding The Church that Jesus Christ, himself founded. Even if The Latin Bible was chained to a podium or the like, people could still go up and read it if they had the ability to understand it. Although, it is good to read the scriptures, most importantly faith comes from hearing The Word Of God(Romans 10:17). Also, the laity had homilies given to them in the vernacular of the people at that time, so the meaning of the Latin would have been conveyed by your average priest. As Saint Paul writes, “The Church is the pillar and foundation of the truth”. The names of the first three popes: Peter, Linus, and Clement are in The Bible.

    You can take the following to heart. I am not a professional apologist, however, there is no issue against The Catholic Church that has not been handily addressed by apologists (like Patrick Madrid or Trent Horn to name two) I would encourage you to reach out to one of them at least to hear their side. Reach out to a professional apologist, if you want to know the debate any issues regarding The Catholic faith.

    People of good will can disagree, however, I believe that Catholic teaching is true.

    Thanks for hearing me out!

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith December 18, 2021 at 2:01 am

      You would be wrong. I have the quotes from the church and the Pope printed right there and there are more where that came from. There is a lot of propaganda which has been spread by the Catholic church ever since the middle ages to try to dismiss the facts with semantics. The church sought to keep translated bibles even out of educated hands, as the Pope openly pronounced at the time. They argued that “private readings” and interpretations of the bible by anyone outside those designated by the church could lead to “problems” (meaning people not going to official churches and not tithing to Rome), so they banned the practice. It’s as simple as that. Burning any bibles that were not written in Latin was just one way of helping to accomplish that control. Why do you think the rebellion against the Catholics happened under Martin Luther when he translated the bible from Latin to German? Why do you think William Tyndale was executed after translating the bible from Latin to English? These were not illiterate men; these were educated men and devout Christians. Why do you think mass printing of the bible was such a big deal at the time? It was in part a revolution against these types of controls being implemented by Rome. Another fun fact – The mass printing of the bible in common languages led to a gigantic leap in literacy among the masses, which the church was also not all that happy about, mainly because they had a near monopoly on how education was handled at the time. Sure, you could learn to read as a commoner, IF you were lucky and were accepted into a monastery or other church controlled institution. In many places you could not learn an academic trade, like being a doctor, unless you had permission from the Archdeacon. This was how Rome remained in power for so many centuries.

    • Nadine December 20, 2021 at 1:16 pm

      Where exactly is Linus and Clement mentioned in the Bible please? I don’t recall their names in any of the scriptures. Thanks!

  • Serge December 18, 2021 at 2:59 am

    About “the science”, cov-19, kids, and their parents:
    The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” — J. Edgar Hoover, FBI

  • bhk4usa December 18, 2021 at 10:47 am

    Great article Brandon. Almost every ‘institution’ in this nation (and around the world?) has spent decades teaching people not only to be dependent on self-appointed elite others to know what to think but that we, as none ‘elites’, are incapable of individual critical thinking. This has been happening in all of the ‘institutions’ that are supposed to lead and uplift our society including; education, information, government, religion, etc. The utopian ‘elites’ believed that they had reached a level of saturation of dependence on ‘others’ to establish public beliefs that they expected universal acceptance and adherence regarding the pseudo-pandemic and pseudo-vaccines.

    The fact that there has not been universal acceptance of the ‘elites’ narratives is what has led to Biden’s “frustration and confusion”, Fauci’s “shock at criticism”, and Pelosi’s disgust with those that “refuse governance”.

    More and more people are with, I believe, God’s spirit becoming aware that the self-appointed ‘elites’ telling us what to think about anything and everything are not always correct and in fact are often intentionally wrong. Hopefully this actual ‘awakening’ will continue to grow quickly enough to save some portion of civilization.

  • 253045 December 18, 2021 at 2:27 pm

    I went to the optometrist Thur, I needed a CA form filled out. Doc says I have cataract, actually have keratoconus. The KC was misdiagnosed as cataract in 1966! Also by DO, not by opthalmologist. I have no other symptoms of cataract such as light sensitivity.
    I can use finger to bend cornea and get near 20/20. Keratoconus is a problem of misshapen corneas. Cataract is a lens problem, light being blocked. How can I get good vision by bending the cornea, this has nothing to do with a cataract. Another misdiagnosis 55 years later??
    Doc is pushing for surgery. . .of course.

    Anyhow, argument ensues about CA vision standards. Doc says 20/40 both eyes corrected, 20/70 in best one eye. I tell Doc “I just looked at CA DMV website. 20/40 is just initial screening- after review the standard is lowered to 20/200, best one eye corrected.

    Doc denies the 20/200, says the only standard is 20/40. I told him I just saw it. “Are you saying you know more than I do?” Yes I am OMG, these folks are touchy, they are NOT used to having their authority challenged. I slightly raised my voice “THAT IS ARGUMENT FROM AUTHORITY AND IS NOT A REAL ARGUMENT AT ALL!”

    Scroll down to minimum visual acuity requirement- you will see I was right about 20/200. Doc insists 20/40 is required to get a license. Authority is NOT to be challenged, take things on faith. . .

  • wappy-john December 19, 2021 at 12:48 am

    @Brandon – The parallels between the printing press and the internet are uncanny. If we look at history, the printing press unleashed a flood of independent thinking and movements around the Western world, culminating in the formation of the United States.

    What can we likely predict about the future, given similar circumstances? Do you think the elite are aware of the similarities? And if so, should we assume they will do all they can to prevent a repeat?

  • Yerfej December 19, 2021 at 6:49 am

    The higher an individual rises in society the closer they get to the levers of power, so naturally they begin the process of dumping all morals to satiate the human necessity to be part of the leadership. It doesn’t matter what kind of immoral activity is taking place, it should be noticed that those in charge will be from every walk of life and every level of education, they just can’t resist the temptation to be in command of others and show the public they have the answers.

    • Avatar photo
      Brandon Smith December 19, 2021 at 7:54 am

      Actually, it’s the opposite. Positions of power over others attract sociopathic narcissists (psychopaths) with no empathy or conscience, while normal people with moral compass have little interest in control over others. Power has the ability to corrupt, but there is no human necessity to be a part of leadership. In fact, most people don’t want to be “in charge” and have no time or interest in it. If you ever meet someone who is obsessed with being a leader, get as far away from them as possible. Our system of government needs to be revamped with psychological testing to weed out psychopaths. Otherwise, we would be better off with a pure lottery system where government officials are picked from the citizenry using names in a hat. Almost all of the most pervasive problems with humanity can be traced to a single root cause: Psychopathic people slithering their way into positions of leadership. Get rid of them and you get rid of the majority of threats to free civilization.

      • Steve Bull December 19, 2021 at 4:49 pm

        I’m coming to believe that strange women lying in ponds distributing swords may not have been that bad a system after all;)

  • Serge December 19, 2021 at 7:06 am

    A precious testimony from the courageous Brandy Vaughan:
    RIP Brandy Vaughan.

  • Steve Bull December 19, 2021 at 4:46 pm

    I did my university schooling (4 degrees at 3 different Canadian universities) in the 1980s and was fortunate enough to come to know a number of professors who never put ‘science’ on the pedestal that some expect it to be placed upon. I also read early in that journey William Broad’s Betrayers of the Truth: Fraud and Deceit in the Halls of Science that helped to keep my radar on for ‘questionable’ science. Like any other narrative, it is those that tend to ‘profit’ from scientism that push misleading expectations and fallacious arguments about its ‘power’. If I learned anything in my ten years of post-secondary education, it was to ‘Question Everything’; especially if coming from our dominant power structures and institutions. Whatever can be leveraged to expand/control wealth and power, will be.

  • Frank December 20, 2021 at 8:47 am

    an interesting fact that I learned years ago when I worked hospital pharmacy and was required to do yearly CE credits for my position; see who is sponsoring the study and it will give you an good insight on the justification and outcome of the research!

  • Bogun December 22, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Brandon hi.
    Below is a link to COVID-19 vaccine weekly surveillance reports (weeks 39 to 50)

    If we take (for example) COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report – week 50, then on page 37 in table 10 statistics on deaths depending on age are published.

    In all of these reports, only 2% of deaths occur in people under 40. Most of them are 80+ people.

    This table breaks down all the stories about the terrible pandemic.

    You can write a great article based on these materials.

  • Gotheart December 22, 2021 at 5:41 pm

    You trust a gov. Web site? Sincerely. 😕

    • Bogun December 22, 2021 at 10:26 pm

      Of course not. The fact is that their own data shows that the pandemic is fake.

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